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February 22, 2013


Victor Southern

LibDems are always in favour of higher taxes.


Conveniently cut off, presumably before he can explain why he said it.

James J

When it comes to Bonkers ideas I am reluctant to enter the lists with a LibDe:they are the experts.

Paul McKeown

Nonsense thread. Stephen Williams starts by talking about putting money in people's pockets by cutting taxes, a genuinely popular Lib Dem policy. Hardly surprising, though, that some Conservative propagandist forgot to mention that bit when writing the headline.

Stephen Williams

Er, actually I said I wanted to SCRAP fuel duty and replace it with road user charging. Fairer for poor people in rural areas and more rational tax base in urban areas. Robert Alfon said he wanted fuel duty frozen for whole of Parliament, which would indeed be bonkers when you could do more good with the money lost by such a measure.

Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

Why does resolving the government's spending problems always involve sacrifice by the taxpayer. The government got itself into this mess. Why doesn't the government get itself out? Cut the size of government! But although tax revenues have risen massively, government spending has hardly been touched.

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