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February 17, 2013



What a pathetic waste of oxygen the Clegglet is.

If the CONservatives can't beat the LibDems in Eastleigh, they haven't a chance in 2015. Judging by today's newspapers the CONs know that - with reports that BoJo doesn't want to be Cameron's assassin but takeover from a caretaker leader in 2017, AFTER a CONservative defeat in 2015.



"The Labour candidate in the crucial Eastleigh by-election said he wished Margaret Thatcher had been murdered in the IRA attack on Brighton’s Grand Hotel.
Left-winger John O’Farrell felt a ‘surge of excitement’ when he heard of the attempted assassination in 1984 and was ‘disappointed’ the terrorists failed."

See this morning's Mail on Sunday: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2279886/My-disappointment-Mrs-Thatcher-didnt-die-Brighton-bomb--Labours-Eastleigh-candidate.html#ixzz2L9ignKjY

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