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January 02, 2013



Rail fares in the UK are simply far too high and may be the highest in the world.

It doesn't add up...

Perhaps the minister should think about more cost effective means of travel or avoiding the need for travel than rail commuting.

Things like:

Making employers pay for peak commuting costs if they want the privilege of a workforce that turns up to a city centre for a 8/9 a.m. start, rather than relocating to minimise commuting or expecting employees will accept the lack of alternatives.

Rolling out high speed fibre broadband to enable more work to be done close to or at home.

Bill Bailey

Services improving? Do me a favour.

Elaine Turner

Railfares should be paid for by the users. Why should other taxpayers who have to have cars to get around subsidise those who use a train? It may or may not be greener - but for work purposes, it is more convenient and that is the advantage it offers to those who use it. Car users are struggling with high fuel prices and poor roads - they are the ones who need the help.


If the taxpayer subsidy is being decreased then why is the money previously spent on subsidising railways not being given back to us? It's the same as tuition fees, we are paying more and more tax and getting less as Cameron's already bloated state gets bigger and bigger. It seems the age of fair taxation is over and we are living in a Kleptocracy with people like politicians living the life of Riley while we are robbed ever more to pay for their obscene excesses.

Dave Hollins MBA

Wouldn't it betterif we had some straight talking for a change? People commute for better money and job opportunities - so why should anyone else subsidise them? It is their choice and they should meet the costs.

The same applies to all the bellyaching about childcare costs and dumping granny in a home. Come to think of it, didn't Thatcher say there is no mysterious bag of money as it is all contributed by taxpayers?

So, all your whingers, why do you think that people, who don't commute and work in less well-paid jobs locally should subsidise your trip to better pay?


I wonder how long it is since he bought a train ticket that wasn't on an expense account ? he clearly uses a different rail system to us plebs. The posh boy imprimatur is clearly rubbing off on the libdems!

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