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January 10, 2013



See Daniel Hannan in D Tel, and also Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on why we should not do America's bidding:



Nick Clegg still uses his hands when talking drivel even on radio.
Clegg and the Liberal Democrats want other countries to prop up Britain whereas Conservatives believe Britain can stand on its own two feet.
If Clegg thinks other European countries will help a Britain in difficulties he is sadly mistaken.


Clegg was one of the first to criticise Nadine Dorries - a typical Liberal Democrat hypocrite.


@robertnow - Ditching your job for a month to take part in a reality TV show in Australia is far different from answering political questions from members of the public for 30 mins every week.

Engaging with the public is what politicians should be doing more of. Clegg came across as quite polite and sincere, and I truly hope Miliband and Cameron might have the guts to do something similar.


It seems entirely wrong that Clegg gets to spend 30 minutes each week giving a radio party-political broadcast on behalf of the LibDems. LBC should give the same opportunity to Cameron, Miliband and Farage.

Our membership of the EU is nothing to do with jobs, our economy or chocolate. The EU is a political union - not an economic one. We can get all the trade benefits from EEA/EFTA or a separate Trade Treaty.

It IS to do with our Sovereignty and Democracy - our ability to govern ourselves and the people who make the laws being accountable to the people. The EU fails on every level.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard puts it very well in the DT http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ambroseevans-pritchard/100022213/we-cannot-let-americas-tactical-interests-dictate-britains-sovereign-destiny/

" But at the end of the day, the British people cannot let America’s taste for tidy structures in Europe determine policy on matters that go to the heart of our democracy and sovereign self-government.

For me the snapping point was the disgraceful saga of the European Constitution, which I covered in minute detail as it wended its way through the Convention.

It was supposed to return power to the nation states under Laeken Declaration, but in reality was exploited by Project insiders to push for a quantum leap in EU integration – most crucially by turning the European Court into a supreme court with jurisdiction over all "Pillars" of EU affairs, the killer twist.

When this was rejected by French voters, and then by Dutch voters by an even bigger margin, EU elites ignored the verdict. Chancellor Angela Merkel brought it back as the Lisbon Treaty with the collusion of France’s Nicolas Sarkozy (who by then had an absolute majority in parliament), and together they rammed it through without referendums. It was an executive Putsch by EU leaders.

The Irish supreme court ordered a vote in Ireland, the only country where people were given a chance to express a view. When the Irish then voted `No’, they were made to vote again. Britain should not remain a member of an organisation that behaves in this way. It is as simple as that, and I think a great number of readers concur."

Malcolm Wood

Does Calamity Clegg, the Leader of the Opposition, still want us to join the Euro?


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