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December 09, 2012



I am a strong supporter of the Union and believe it benefits both countries. However, Salmond should be told that if he wins the election it will have to be a complete divorce from England and he will not be allowed to retain the pound.
Perhaps the good people of Scotland will think hard about leaving the UK if the decision is likely to lead to EU membership and adopting the euro.


What is the betting that if our neighbours do seek independence many of us will withdraw our monies and savings from the Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Scotland and their many building society subsidiaries. I certainly will.

Ken Stevens

It echoes what Barroso has already indicated.

There has been heated debate on the "Scotsman" website on legal aspects, as to whether or not EU membership would be regarded as a continuation rather than a new application.

I doubt whether legalities will be relevant; it will be more a political matter.
Will the EU be eager to retain Scotland's share of previous EU membership, particularly as England/Wales is showing increasing semi-detachment? Or will, say, Spain object for fear of encouraging its own would-be secessionist regions?


A statement full of irony.

(1) - Oh what the English would give to be out of the EU.
(2) - And therefore, it is baffling that anyone would regard this statement as a disincentive to vote to leave.
(3) - The Scottish want independence from Britain, which was - until Maastricht - a fully democratic country. Yet Scottish Socialiists are determined to jump from relative independence and at least some democracy, with the UK, to NO independence and NO democracy as an insignificant Principality within the EU.
(4) - If the Scottish vote to leave, then how can the remaining UK ensure that the Scottish people assume full responsibility for their own future, without the assumption that, if things go wrong for them, they will always be able to rely on aid from the UK, and their citizens eligible for benefits and NHS treatment by virtue of holding some sort of dual nationality rights. Of course, being in the EU would compound this problem for the UK.

To my mind, every way one looks at this, the Jocks can't lose.

Public Sector Worker

How bloody hard is it for the EU to come out and make a statement on this and put it to bed once and for all instead of all this bickering about legal advice that everyone's seen but not willing to publish and open to scrutiny.

One thing I agree with Phil about is that it would be so much better for all if a decision to dissolve the Union automatically ejected England and the remaining states as well. Then if it really was better off in, a proper debate would be had.

Sandy Jamieson

One by one, the pillars that Alex Salmond are relying on for an separate Scotland are collapsing. He wanted to keep the Pound with a seat on the Bank of England Policy Committee. Well that's a non-starter

Now his long standing policy of Scotland independent in Europe is dead in the water.

Foy myself I think the politics would truimph- the idea of a nation leaving the EU is an anathama to the ruling Brussels elite so they will fast track Scotland's admission but at a severe price. No rebate, no opt-out from the Euro and no opt-out from Schengen

Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

I'm sure the Spanish, in particular, will be especially keen to give encouragement to secessionist regions.


If Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, surely that means that the United Kingdom ceases to exist since one of the kingdoms has left. It is not just Scotland that would be the new state, the other part of the United Kingdom would also be a new state. So would it not mean that the other new state of England/N.Ireland/Wales would also have to apply to rejoin? Assuming it wanted to, that is.

I Albion

Scotland will not vote to leave so these ifs and buts are pointless,Cameron has promised them the moon if they stay, if only he would promise the English People only half of what he wants Scotland to have... an English Parliament perhaps?

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