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December 28, 2012



I give it a couple of hours before New Year is cancelled.

Just Bob

Pity we can't anchor Clegg off Rockall.

john parkes

As the Deputy Prime Mnister (only!) it ill behoves Clegg to offer promises of this sort when he only represents the very minor, albeit important, section of the coalition government.

Cleethorpes Rock

This is good news as the centre ground of British public opinion currently wants:

- to scrap the Human Rights Act
- to get out of the EU
- to scrap welfare for non-British people
- an end to high energy bills due to futile windfarms
- cheaper petrol

The problem is that Clegg's idea of the "centre ground" is a million miles away from where all polling evidence tells us the centre ground actually is.

Patsy Sergeant

Does this mean that Clegg finally realises what being a partner in a Coalition means? That you are supposed to come together as a team and do your best for the whole country. What it is not is showing off that only your party has all the answers! (You think!)


ships are only useful when they are doing something, being anchored usually means they are out of work


how long before a spoof of this appears on youtube

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