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December 27, 2012



The Liberal Democrats are for anything goes - even obese people who die early and cost the NHS and the tax payer a fortune.
The Liberal Democrats have no standards and want everybody to be like them.
Jo looks obese.

Marc Heine

I've just heard her on Radio 4 at lunchtime. It was quite a fatuous interview, really.

She certainly looks a strapping lass. Perhaps she ought to read those lifestyle magazines, instead of criticising them.


This is a complete and utter waste of time. I didn`t know we had a minister for Women and Equalities. It could only be a LibDem woman MP. She knows, and everybody knows that diets are a waste of time but magazines will continue as before to promote them. The only way to lose weight is to eat less.

I have to say it, she doesn`t appear to be a good example to follow.

And to think we actually pay a woman to utter these silly words.


why do we have a minister for wummin and equalities is there a minister for men and inequality.


In fact I've ordered the art galleries to take out and burn any painting which shows women in their naked form and I myself will be taking a hammer to the, 'Three Graces'


Jo Swinson, Minister for Equalities? Is this the same Jo Swinson who voted in favour of £9,000 tuition fees for England but whose own constituents pay diddley squat in tuition fees. How about this hypocrit demanding equality for my kids and every other youngster in England and demand the UK Government stop discriminating against them just because they are English.

James J

Equalities Minister? I wish they would admit this is an experiment, the outcome of which looks increasingly bad.Using the fallacy of proportionate outcomes as a performance indication must end in tears.


Jo Swinson - she has no idea about real equality as her friends and family in Scotland go to University free whilst the children in England pay a minimum of £27,000 tuition fees plus maintenance and the same if they go to a Scottish university.
Come off it.


Why isn't Aidan Burley the Equalities Minister?

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