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November 22, 2012



Message to Mr Clegg: How about putting all your energies into reducing our debt, rather than thinking up ways to increase it?

It doesn't add up...

£225m won't even buy an apartment for Lakshmi Mittal. Why waste the money?


Housing for Rumanians and Bulgarians?


How about spending the money on helping our youngsters to find work and give them a future? They can hardly rent a room, let alone look forward to buying something in a fancy Garden City.

Cleethorpes Rock

£225m will buy bugger all.

I'm getting fed up with the government chucking around little odds and sods of our money and claiming it will lead to some sort of Tiger Economy-like resurgence.

We're in for a rough ride and need to accept it and start calibrating our economy for the future for when this Euro thing blows over. A million here and a few million there won't make a damn bit of difference.

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