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November 13, 2012


Michael mcgough

He has clearly never run a small business..This is bad for the job prospects in small firms for young men but will present job opportunities for those women over 50 who have been robbed of their State Pension by the breaking of the Coalition Agreement para7


Like Cameron and Gideon, he is a mediocre overpromoted narcissist living off the public purse, personal contacts and inherited wealth. All of them leach off ordinary people and one of them could run a bath. They all share the same deep-seated contempt for those who have fought their way up from the bottom and threaten their vested interests and genetic sense of entitlement. Labour is as bad, with feudal tenure now reinstated as the natural order of things for the tax-dodging Marxist aristocracy of North-West London.

Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

I'd better ensure I don't employ anybody then.


As with most things, this comes from the European Commission. Clegg is just doing what comes naturally to a europhile.


Who will rid us of this turbulent politician?

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