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September 23, 2012


Elaine Turner

Would that be the £2million that might take Nick Clegg out of the list of those who are asset rich? Good gried, they really haven't got a clue, have they?

John x

The same old rubbish that we have heard for years Tax and Spend the only idea the Libs can come up with and perhaps lots of green taxes and a hatred for success unfortunately this time we have put them in power with a weak leader like Cameron. What many people want to know is where the Conservative party sits with Nick Clegg and Cable and the other plonks continually trying to shaft successful people with their outrageous mansion tax and increase in stamp duty and all the other taxes on people that have assets. Most people I know see the Liberals at war with success and are going to harass anybody with assets over a million pounds it will make many people think twice if their future lies with Britain.
All the Libe
The reason the Liberals have fifty five seats is they are to most people toxic and can never come up with clever ideas to stimulate growth.
Most Liberal politicians have been a laughing stock for years Cameron should never have gone in with them.
We Conservatives want a very clear idea where Cameron and Osborne stand as if they agree with the Liberals despite all their conniving with Labour the Conservative members need to find another party


Same thing he says every few months ... just changed the words a bit - a simple enough routine. Does Simon Hughes run on javascript or perl?


Better start with himself and his fellow MPs then.

John Prendergast Springbrook, Audmore,Gnosall, Staffs, ST20 0HFl

Hughes is the very essence of toxicity.

I suggest all Liberals be taxed at 110% each yearand thus let us off a bit..

It doesn't add up...


We think it's a good idea to create employment for accountants and tax advisers to argue with HMRC, and to tie up the time of the productive members of society in as much unproductive activity as possible. We know it won't raise a hill of beans in extra taxes - except the taxes on the accountants. But it makes us feel smug.


Simon Hughes just doesn't think - period. The last Gov to base it's economic policy on sqeezing the rich was Labour when Denis Healey was Chancellor - such a disaster that it needed an IMF bailout and hasn't been tried since. The LibDems are just lazy and happier spending our money than facing the tough decisions to shrink the size of the State. It's appalling that we are making members of the armed forces redundant to fund increases of 5.2% to benefit claimants.

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