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September 26, 2012



Adding a dose of yellow fever Nicholas...no wonder we are sick as a nation.

George Lees

And mass fuel poverty, higher bills, lower standard of living and no change to carbon emmissions or the climate.


Actually whilst it may look cringeworthy on paper, it was actually quite well delivered.


Clegg isn't remotely interested in addressing fuel poverty. Thanks to his wife's directorship of a windfarm company (presumably she was appointed as a lobbyist?), he is doing very nicely thank you very much out of fuel poverty. In so doing, he joins the swelling ranks of patrician subsidy farmers troughing on regressive taxes: e.g. Gummer, Yeo and the PM's father-in-law with his "modest annuity" of £365,000 p.a.

So much for the Lib Dems' phoney credentials on "fair taxation".....just as Clegg is not offering to pay the full rate of tax on his unfunded Europension which will be funded by people on much lower incomes than his, who in most cases have no pension. "Fair taxation" is for other people, not for Tricky Nicky.

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