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September 26, 2012



It did to Clegg.


Errrr why isn't this speech included in left watch?


"It did to Clegg."

Yes but he is not a pleb.

Daniel Thomas

Success does not come easy because remote, inexperienced politicians like Clegg think they have all the answers or they are ignoring the people and following their own misguided agenda.

This week has confirmed that Clegg and the Libdems have a socialist agenda and would be more than comfortable in coalition with Miliband/Balls.

There is a battle going on for the future of our country, Cameron and his pals aren't exactly filling me with confidence.


For a talentless patrician know-all like Clegg whose entire career has been built on string-pulling, back-scratching and sinecures, success has come extremely easy and with very little effort. No wonder he hates grammar schools: if there had been more of them, his easy ride up the escalator of unearned privilege would have come to a juddering halt.

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