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September 25, 2012


Steve Tierney



Is that really a surprise?

Paris Claims

If this was a marriage, I'd call this reasonable grounds for a divorce, or at least a seperation.

Elaine Turner

Richard Younger Ross is a prize prat - 'it is about being in power next time?' not with his expenses record it isn't!

And this really demonstrates why it is a foolish policy to presume that the Coalition will continue after the next election and for Cameron to rethink where he is taking the party.


Will there be enough Lib-dems to form a co-alition?


The BBC?! They're infiltrating the website. Get out while you still can!


We all know that the Liberal Democrats are negotiating with Labour on the quiet.
The Conservative Party and David Cameron need to make urgent plans and strategy now rather than wait for the Liberal Democrats to do the dirty deed.

Jimminy Wicket

I only hope when Labour is in power next, and, if they do not win a majority they will run a minority government and go it alone.

The last thing Labour needs is to become part of a coalition with the Lib-Dems as these people always forget they are the minority party!

It is a fallacy to say we have a Conservative led Coalition, it is more truthful to say we have the Lib-Dem tail wagging the Conservative dog. The worst of all worlds as this government we now have is neither one thing or another. A dog's dinner complete with the pudding for afters!


The Lib Dems: a dumping ground for sour self-righteous losers. Why does Labour need them?


Would Labour trust the LibDems to go into a coalition with them if the opportunity arose? Their record on unity and loyalty during this coalition leaves a lot to be desired.

Mystic Merv

The lib dems strung labour along following the last election, but were doing a deal round the back with Cameron. Wouldn't trust them at all.


Labour will beat the LibDems & the Tories anyway


Would anyone trust the Lib Dems who clearly are not up to the job as part of the goverment,
who now think this is difficault, prehaps it will be easier with another party'
Labour is a lot closer to The Conservatives then the Lib Dems realise and The goverment of the day is always very unpopular, it's always easier to be in opposition, prehaps they prefer that, as Labour also do with their bandwagon jumping and lack of policies and reality.
( Danny Alexander and Jeremy Browne Not included)


Ten minutes watching this orgy of political onanism in the Brighton Play Pen is ten minutes' too long. What is it about the Lib Dems that they attract such a long list of third-rate narcissists: Clegg, Davey, Cable, Oakeshott, St Simon the Self-Righteous, Ming the Merciless, Huhne, Pantsdown.....?



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