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September 25, 2012


Jimminy Wicket

"Danny Alexander warns tax dodgers, "We are coming to get you"

Can anyone take this man serious?

I am in stitches watching him being interviewed, he remind me of a startled puppet rabbit caught in headlights with a ventriloquist puppeteer pulling his strings!


Disgusting little man. I know people in their eighties who have property now worth over a million quid, but they have lived in it for over sixty years, restoring it from a total wreck during all that time, USING THEIR OWN MONEY, for pity's sake. It is their cherished home. Now this little pipsqueak thinks they are ultra-wealthy and wants to send the goons round to grab extra money. These folk aren't rich; they've got pensions but nothing out of the ordinary. It's only the property price that makes them "rich".
And what about all the "wealthy" homeowners in London, where there are stacks of properties worth over a million? If they've lived in them for many years then the price is bound to have gone up from the time they first bought them. It stinks of sheer money-grabbing jealousy, the "you've got no rights to own that" attitude. If this goes through then there will be a massive exodus from London and other expensive areas, as people try to sell up to avoid paying the tax. Question is; who's then going to buy the empty houses?

Mystic Merv

About time, Danny. But is this yet more coalition talk and no action?

Richard M

So Danny, have you sent the warning notice to Maude yet? Quite a few other house - flippers in the H of C still to sort out surely? Start at the top.. .

Public Sector Worker

Hang on, if it's only a small number then how many people does this cover and how much money does he think it will raise? I'm not convinced on his numbers.

Quite happy for HMRC to target tax evaders, but then that needs to be looked at with all self-employed small businesses as well. If it's good enough for the ultra-rich, it's good enough for everyone else.


Another sleaze-ridden house flipper with a PPE degree and less work experience than the Downing Street cat. It's about as credible as being lectured on financial probity by the Lib Dems' favourite donor, Michael Brown. Go back to your constituencies and prepare for oblivion.

Robert DMML

"Such posturing is even more distasteful since the Chief Secretary himself avoided paying capital gains tax when his London property was designated his main home for tax purposes, even though he described it as his second home to maximise his expenses claims as an MP". Melanie Philips
Politicians? Dont you just love 'em.

Matthew Reynolds

If you want to boost economic growth & reduce avoidance to increase revenues then end tax shelters & cut top rates of income tax,lower CGT rates and slash corporate taxes.Investment in job creation will happen if the wealth resulting from it is not overtaxed and there is 1)Less incentive to dodge via lower rates & 2)Less scope via fewer tax shelters then the share paid by the rich will rise.

We need more revenues to close this unsustainable budget deficit of roughly 8% and extra jobs to reduce the high unemployment rate of about 8% then a pro-growth programme of lower & simpler taxes will yield major benefits.

As QUANGOS & the programmes that they administer cost £170 billion p/a I think that we can pare that vast expense down enough to meet the initial revenue loss from ending CGT,cutting corporate taxes to a 10% flat rate and phasing in a 15% flat rate income tax on incomes exceeding £15,000 p/a.The UK will be more productive if we have fewer non jobs and a bigger private sector.

Danny Alexander should be asked to recall what Gladstone would do and get about doing it ! David Laws was quite right to want a public sector of 35% of GDP with the monies freed up allowing taxes to be cut.High & complex taxes represent a barrier to economic recovery and must be dismantled to end the recession.


Anyone who has ever reported a tax cheat will know that nothing seems to happen. I know a man who has paid no tax for !5 years. Despite a number of different people giving inland revenue the details nothing has happened other than one demand for ni payments 10 years ago. The longer this goes on the worse it is for the tax cheat, and he knows this, but even when his girl friend rang them directly nothing happens.

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