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August 29, 2012



This coalition is becoming futile.

Frankland Macdonald Wood

This man Clegg is a danger to Britain. He understands nothing. He has no sense of essential priorities. His thinking is trite and shallow. I am surprised that his own party is not fed up with him. He adds nothing to any discussion and his ideas are simplistic and vacuous.


Why would a minority party like the Liberal Democrats be allowed to dictate government policy? - it is undemocratic


10-15% of the electorate support Clegg and his party; the remaining 85-90% realise that the post of Deputy PM has gone downhill since the departure of Prescott.

That 85-90% who can recognise an idiot when they see one are the reason why the Conservative party is losing its support.

The Lib Dems are drowning and the coalition is making sure that the Conservative Party gets dragged down with them.

By the way; with VAT at a colossal 20%, the rich pay tax again when they spend their money, and as they spend more than the rest of us, they also pay more VAT than the rest of us.

Someone should ask Mr Clegg why, (if tax is such a good thing), MEPS and officials in Brussels PAY NO TAXES. Clegg knows full well that as soon as he gets that promised job in Brussels he will have no liability for any of the taxation he is so keen to heap onto others.


Sory to break it to you, but the reason Clegg says things like this is because he knows that you will immediately start frothing about how the electorate's social superiors should be paying less tax, not more.

In other words, he'll look nice but naive, and you'll look like nasty, self-serving tools.

Differentiation. It might not win him the next election, but it'll guarantee that you'll lose it :)

Dennis C

If the current polling trends continue, UKIP will be the third largest party in terms of the popular vote in the 2015 UK General Election. The LibDems have been polling a pretty consistent 10% of the vote in polls over the last couple of years. If the stars align correctly, Mr. Clegg could well lose Sheffield Hallam. Are you ready for the question: Where were you when Nick Clegg lost Sheffield Hallam ? I am. My perspective is perhaps somewhat faulty because I am an American, but I tend to dislike the LibDems because they seem to put their party above the needs of their country. The LibDems want a proportional representational system of voting that will condemn the UK to having coalition governments forever. How conveniently they threw university students "under the bus" after the last general election over the tuition issue.


I agree with Nick W - who would have thought that John Prescott would be considered to be a brilliant Deputy Prime Minister when compared to the idiot Nick Clegg.
Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are a minority party who cannot believe they find themselves in government. The only problem is they do not have a clue how to run the country in the national interest.
Party first country second.


Income Tax was supposed to be a temporary measure.

The loathsome Liberals should read some political history and see what a proposed wealth tax did for Michael Foot.

Having said that with the next Labour Government we will certainly get a Land Value Tax to replace Council Tax and that will involve a complete re-valuation of properties in England, this has been Liberal policy for a long time.

Londoner too

Capital/wealth taxes are a way of shifting private capital into current public spending. So a way to reduce the total capital in the country. Not clever at all.

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