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August 28, 2012



So plans for the third runway will be unveiled this time next week then?

John Stewart

Clegg's flat denial makes it almost certain that a 3 rd Heathrow runway is being considered.

George Lees

The real leader of the Conservative party has spoken.

It doesn't add up...

Isn't it nice having No 10 and Clegg saying the same thing?

christina Speight

If that means his veto, then he's a wrecker of Britain's future.

Jimminy Wicket

The Liberal dog wagging the Conservative tail as per usual.

I was under the impression that the Liberal Democrats were the junior partners in the Coalition.

"He who has to be obeyed has spoken"

Can somebody remind me who the real PM> is as I am very confused!!

Andrew Boff

The third runway is an inadequate solution.

Elaine Turner

Clegg is correct - it was stated clearly by both parties that the third runway should not go ahead and that was in the Coalition Agreement.

However, that doesn't make it right, does it? I am distressed that neither Clegg nor Cameron is giving any thought about what is best for Britain, which is more capacity and either we look at a brand new airport and infrastructure or we go for the cheaper option of the third runway. Which is it to be gentlemen?


Sanctimonious little nobody


He's right!!!

Why aren't we looking at expanding Luton, Birmingham & Stansead?

Heathrow is so busy apparantly but Virgin can put on flights to Birmingham, what's going on?

David J

Patrick, Virgin are proposing flights to Manchester, not BHX.

Good idea about expanding London-Luton, but is there room?


It is undemocratic for the leader of a minority party with only 57 MPs like the Liberal Democrats to pronounce that there will not be a third runway at Heathrow.

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