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August 06, 2012


Tony Makara

Like the Pontic Monarch of old days,
He fed on poisons, and they had no power.

Clegg, you might as well dissolve the Coalition now. After all, you've surpassed your wildest expectations, played at being in power, yet achieved absolutely nothing.


It's the end of the Coalition. What a pitiful disaster. The Party's over for Dodgy Dave and the master strategist, Boy Georgie. A truly awful f, up of a Government. I guess that's why Mensch has jumped ship early. She saw the writing on the wall and has got out before the rout to spend more time with her family. (LOL)


Clegg must not be given the EU Commissioner post after this.

John Charlton

"Nick Clegg says goodbye to Lords reform"

That sentence would read so much better if the last three words were removed.


When can we say goodbye to Nick Clegg?

Edward T

Now we'll get the Lords Reform we did not want when Labour wins its majority. Aren't we intelligent

Tony Brookes

He is behaving like a spoilt brat. On second thoughts perhaps ....


Let's think the public hate and they want to create more.

Lords reform was a joke.

The liberals have had to much influence on policy and got away with too much.

This should cool them off.


As a Tory who supports AV, Lords Reform and Boundary Changes I am in despair with both Tory backbenchers and the LD leadership. Of course if the Tory Right used their head a bit more they would have realised AV would have helped them pick up UKIP second preferences and Lords Reform would see some UKIP members elected to the Second Chamber under PR!


What an extraordinary display of petulance. The Coalition agreement never mentioned a commitment to reform the House of Lords, only to bring forward proposals, and the Conservatives have done that. So the Lib Dems are still bound to support the boundary changes.

Malcolm Wood

What a waste of space is silly Calamity Clegg. Following his PR debacle his other useless non-starter of an idea, Lords Reform, is kicked into touch, and the pathetic little man throws his rattle out of the pram like a spoilt child.

Getting rid of Lords reform is a massive boost for common sense. Who but Calamity Clegg was prepared to waste thousands of man-hours of valuable Parliamentary time on a stupid project that was a complete waste of time and that the British public could not care less about.

When the country is in dire financial straits, the Euro is on the point of collapse, the Middle East is in turmoil and the country is still drowning under a continuing flood of immigration, diktats from Brussels, red tape and quangos - the last thing we need to discuss is Lords reform.

Isn’t there some way we can get rid of Clegg?

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