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July 08, 2012


Malcolm Dunn

The Lib Dems as every poll indicates are on their knees. We should be playing hard ball with them not the other way around.

It doesn't add up...

Vince blinked first.

Public Sector Worker

Well that sorted that then. First Milliband and his insistence on a Judicial Inquiry, now this.

Good week.


finally i am starting to see cable as a goodish guy.

at the end of the day the lords is one of the most efficient second chambers in the world,other countries should be copying our second chamber.

with the distain for politicians at an all time high,we want more elected politicians?

do the public realise the talent from business and science in the lords will run a mile if they have to stand for election in this rotten country?

Phil Kean



Charles W

Of course Lib Dem MP's are half hearted about Lords Reform. Most MP's arguably are. It is their £75,000 plus on top of their MP pension 'retirement income'. Opposition to an elected Second Chamber has nothing to do with anything but this selfish personal interest. They did not mind abolishing the hereditaries because this had no effect on their own pockets. But abolishing their own career path into £75,000+ on top of the MP's pension O that is a consitutional matter. They are a bunch of greedy selfish creeps who derserve no repect whatsoever. Listening to Betty Boothroyd on Today this morning was vomit inducing. Pretending that this has anything to do with anything but her pocket made her the laughing stock of the country. Digusting. Immoral.

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