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July 02, 2012


Patsy Sergeant

The ever opportunistic Mr. Clegg, has to try and be one step ahead!


Big Government has been the Big Pal of the Big Banks through smooth and rough.Powerful people have hidden behind a complex maize of meaningless rules,inept regulation and over cozy relationships. Like the Murdoch Mire, this is not a party political issue but a cultural malaise born of sofa government.


Tell ypu what Nick, why don't you and the cheating, lying bunch of fraudsters in the House of Commons and specifically on the government benches set an example and resign in disgrace first?

Dave Hollins MBA

how about you and your chums in the BoE resigning for attemptinmg to manipulate rates with QE aka printed monmey. that has resulted in the THEFT of £18bn from the people of the UK.

While we are at it, how about all MPs coming clean on a) their taxes, b) the CGT flipping swindles and c) the money they get from banks, PR companies etc.?

How about politicians taking responsibilty - full stop.

It doesn't add up...

It's utterly inappropriate to keep the focus solely on Barclays. We already know that many others were involved, allegedly including the BoE itself and senior politicians.

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Lool, stupids and stupids like around all Europe.


No, they will just carry on. no doubt clegg has had a few back handers himself...


When at school I was told that if the banks go bust then the country goes bust.
If Nick Clegg had his way the country would be like Greece, Spain or Italy.
What has Clegg ever done for this country?
Answer - absolutely nothing.

Ross J Warren

"no doubt clegg has had a few back handers himself"

I imagine you are right, but we should be careful not to commit libel. The popular perception is of a corrupted political class, every now and then this is proven to be absolutely the case. This is why I believe a public inquiry is a complete waste of time. The police should be the institution looking into this, but as they are also known to accept the odd bung now and then, we cannot be confident of anyone getting to the bottom of this mess. The usual tactic is to set up a patsy, somebody relatively junior to take the heat for the real criminals, who always get off Scott free.

Democracy isn't dead, it just smells bad.


At least Bob Diamond had the integrity to resign when faced with allegations that Barclays' traders tried to manipulate Libor. Clegg, a creature of patronage and nepotism, resolutely refuses to go despite having blatantly lied to the Lib Dems' supporters at the last election. Besides, he wants to spend huge amounts of taxpayers' cash to guarantee his unearned tax-free Europension.

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Almost numero uno!

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