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July 11, 2012


Edward Huxley

I listened to this, so last night in the House of Commons was a victory for Clegg.

Perhaps somebody can explain.

Ross J Warren

For Clegg being disingenuous is a way of life.

Nick C

79% voted for reform Edward / Ross. 21% against. Victory. Defeat for you are your 19th c friends

Patsy Sergeant

Clegg has had contact with the Labour propagandists over the last 9 hours +!

That first sentence was absolute classic Labour mantra! "Tha good news is that last night MP's voted in favour of HoL's reform. True it will take a few weeks to der di der di der.

So members of the public who didn't follow the shenanigins, hearing Clegg saying that, will think - oh good, well that is sorted now, so we can move on.

That is the mantra that Labour lives on - think Balls and what he has been doing the last week or so, on and on and on pretending he had NOTHING to do with Libor rates or anything else that could be labelled inappropriate. It was America that got everything wrong - I heard him say it! After all he was just Children's Minister.

If Labour get in any time, Miliband would be a cypher, but in effect Ball's would dominate, and we would have a dictatorship - and God help us because we would need it.

john parkes

One has to ask how many MPs voted for this reform secure in the knowledge that it is unlikely to occur; certainly in the terms of Clegg`s proposal. A pyhrric victory in this context perhaps and no more than that. Surely it is now clear to the coalition and its Parliamentary managers that Lords reform, now and for the foreseeable future, is a minor distraction from the business before the nation. To say "It`s the Economy, stupid" might not be the most elegant way to try to get their attention but put in such blunt terms might just do so.
The disquiet aroused by what appeared to many thinking people as a barely disguised grab for parliamentary advantage by the Liberal Democrats, has given any idea of constitutional reform in this context a severe blow. Many will now, and in the future, be looking for Liberal Democrat attempts of a similar nature which is bound to stymie even sensible proposals for change.
There is a great deal of fence-mending to be done and a little more understanding of the `rebels` by the Conservative element of the government is needed. We want Party unity now, even if that prize will have a dodgy future in the coalition.

Edward Huxley

So the Telegraph got it wrong, Nick C.

"Cameron`s biggest rebellion over Lords" His own MPs told him plans to reform the Lords were "a dead duck".

The Prime Minister sat with Nick Clegg, his deputy, grim faced as the results were read to a packed Commons just after 10 pm.

Ross J Warren

Nick C, I believe the 18th Century was the best time to be alive and English. Whilst you are busy trowing the baby out with the dish water. Wanting an House of Elect Lords seems sensible, myopically it seems some people want a house of Elected 2nd class members of parliament, draw from exactly the same people who's legislation they are expected to scrutinize, a recipe for the very worse sort of governance. IMHO of course.

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Woow, really like Nick Clegg, another victory for him!

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