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July 15, 2012


Amber Astron Christo

The last election was rigged. The electorate were given no 'choice' in the election as the three main parties spoke with one voice on most issues; or gave bland overviews of an issue that gave no clue as to their real agenda. The BBC reported that it was likely we would get a hung parliament, months before the election, propaganda to prepare the electorate for the outcome that was 'expected'. On election day it was possible to find normally 'loyal' voters unable to decide which party to vote for, and that went across the political spectrum. The next election is probably going to even more tricky for the electorate, with ever greater numbers deciding not to vote because no party represents their views.


Neither, of course, did the Lib Dems.

christina Speight

The problem for me is not the loss of the election [though this was because Cameron shot himself in the foot] but the fact that he didn't try to run a minority government, that he caves in to the LibDems, that he espouses policies that are anathema to the party and that on Europe he is devious. l;ying and treacherous.


Speaking as a Taunton constituent, Browne will be out at the next election !!


I think the rebels may be aware of that, its 'why' that concerns them. A third term, an economic crisis, an unpopular PM, the worse Labour campaign in living memory, (could it get any worse than when the PM is overheard calling a voter, a 'bigot')if not then: when?

It doesn't add up...

The problem for the Lib Dems is that a rebel Tory split reduces Lib Dem parliamentary power. The problem for Tories is it increases Labour power. That's also of course a problem for Lib Dems. Conclusion: Lib Dems have two problems, not just one.

Mr Angry

No, let's be accurate here, it was the wishy washy, lefty, Cameroonian version of Conservatism that failed to win the last election as it will fail to win the next.

William Blakes Ghost

By all reasonable measures (seats, votes) the Conservatives did win the last election. What they didn't do was get a majority. Really it's this sort of slovenly inaccurate deluded Libdem thinking that has been the greatest failing of this Government. Coalition? Never again....

PS I never realised that Jeremy Browne moves around on TV like a Joe 90 puppet (without the glasses).

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