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July 09, 2012



Nick Clegg is an idiot who has no authority to change our Constitution and Parliament and it would be undemocratic to allow a minority party to do this.
I agree with Sadiq Khan a referendum is required so that the people can decide on such an important constitutional change.

Tony Dean

A referendum is appropriate for changing anything in our constitution and Nick Clegg should keep quiet, he is a minority in this land.

William Blakes Ghost

Clegg bangs on about the House Of Lords lacking legitimacy yet this bastard bill was born out of backroom negotiations between the grey men of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. No manifesto offers the solution currently on offer. It is Clegg who is politically illegitimate along with his bill!

Cleethorpes Rock

I can only assume that David Cameron's absence from all of this, along with the half-arsed whipping operation, means that the Tory leadership are quite happy to see ol' Clegger left to flail in the wind on this one.

One man's vanity shouldn't be enough to change the constitution and the electoral system. Tory MPs need to put the country first and vote down the Clegg Senate.


How is Clegg's new House of Lords more democratic? It won't be fully elected, the elected will be chosen by some bastardized list system, and the bishops will still be there. This is a nauseating perversion of democracy.

Patsy Sergeant

Cleethorpes R thats a good phrase - 'one man's vanity' - and very appropriate.

Yes, I think a referendum on this subject would be most appropriate.

I also think that Mr. Cameron should pay attention to the universal truism, that if you let someone blackmail you once, they will think that you will always do what they want. Clegg seems to be some way along that road already!!

Come on Mr. Cameron, can we have a proper approach to such a serious subject as HoL reform. It should take as much time as is needed however long, and should not be dominated by ANY party, nor any politician! Especially not by a Johnny-come-lately, who obviously does not have much respect for our British Parliament and its workings.


more elected politicians; fantastic.

the reality is the rest of the world should be copying our house of lords.

with europe bust do we really want more elected politicians spending more of our cash,cash they dont have, for votes.

fly in from planet zorg and you have a bunch of politicians scrambling to borrow money we dont have and spend our childrens inheritance for votes; and they want more of them?this is becoming a moral issue.

this is sad chippy nonsense.

Charles Wood

How is Nick Clegg blackmailing anyone. Reform was in his manifesto. Reform was in our manifesto. Reform was in the Labour party manifesto. Argue against specifics of the proposal if you wish; the ridiculous 15 year terms for example. But do not lie. Do not spew out absurd juvenile bile.The idiots on this issue are all those above who clearly lack the ability to posit a cogent argument and are so driven by tribal politics as to appear (as above) insane.

Malcolm Dunn

Sadiq Khan is bang on. Under Clegg's plan the cost of running the Lords will escalate we should be doing all we can to minimise the costs of this institution.


Charles Wood - you are the idiot.
It would be undemocratic to allow Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrat minority party to change our Constitution and Parliament.
Clegg and his mates have no authority to do such a thing.
The detail of his proposals are ridiculous and you know it.

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Clegg and other politics don't have authority, but they are still on because they only want our money, nothing else!

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