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June 27, 2012


Mr Angry


Tony Makara

"Dejame que te lo explique con mis manos y mis gestos estupido, como siempre! eh miriam!"

It doesn't add up...

Is London 80% non-white these days? Or are those just the people in Clegg's office he could persuade to turn out?

Simon Densley

I definitely do NOT agree with Nick. No law reaches the statute books without already passing through a fully elected house. It must then pass through a house of experts. Replacing people who have reached the tops of their respective professions with party political hacks is not progress. Leave the House of Lords as it is.

Lose Fat

So how many people was he even preaching to? Why is he the only white person there?

Cleethorpes Rock

Clegg is using HoL reform to push Proportional Representation. He thinks that if he can have enough bodies elected by forms of PR then he can change the Westminster system.

We need to make sure that if this goes to a referendum, we DESTROY Nick Clegg and the FibDems for good.

dynamics gp consulting

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jeffrery mansfiedl

Of course if this goes through your ConservativeHome proprietor Michael Ashcroft would have to stand for election and say exactly why he thinks he should have a say in making the laws of this country. I wonder if that has any bearing on this site's opposition to Lords Reform.

jeffrery mansfiedl

Correction - I found this link on ConservativeHome, Ashcroft's site.

I Albion

Is that the English flag in Clegg's lapel I see before me?

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