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April 21, 2012


Public Sector Worker

I was thinking that this was another one of those contradictory messages until I realised it was only Matthew Oakeshott banging on about yet another of his hobbyhorses.

Quite frankly I just wish someone would lock him away in a darkened room and throw away the key. Oakeshott has done more to damage the Coalition than anyone else. I cringe whenever I hear him speak but I guess the media like him as it plays into the nasty Tories media image.


I find it difficult to understand how anyone who believed in democracy could support the retention of an unelected second chamber. I could understand complete abolition, or making it elected in some way, but keeping it as it is?


An elected H of L will diminish the authority of the H of C.
The awful Lord Oakeshott and the Liberal Democrats will never be forgiven for fiddling while Rome burns as they ignore the real issues facing our country and focus on Lords Reform and Single Sex Marriage.
It is the Liberal Democrats that need reform not Parliament and Oakeshott must have lost the Lib Dems many thousands of votes as he is so objectionable.


Ah, Oakshott, now occupant of the BBC's 'Minghis Campbell' Memorial Chair. Unlimited air-time, minimal questioning, and then only 'helpful' questions from interviewers (except, sometimes, Andrew Neil). What an encouragement to know the BBC will always be on your side!

Local Member

The House of Commons should have 600 members after the next election, if the constituency boundary changes go ahead. Nick Clegg wants another 400 full time politicians in his version of the lords. If each elected lord, plus his secretary and research assistant, cost £200K in total (a generous estimate), that is £80 million a year. I can think of many better ways to spend that money.

Only a few people are bothered about the make up of the Lords. It could do with fewer retired politicians, and a scheme to allow existing lords to retire, but those changes would be fairly simple to implement and should cut costs.

Finally, if lots of Conservative MP's do support Lord Oakeshott, no doubt they will stand up and say so.

John  Prendergast

I bdelieve in about 70-80% H of L should be elected of by FPTP. The candidates should be peers of the realm and serve for 8.5 yearsper term. Total membership of H of L to b 350.

That way we would avoid ex MPs and get reral people with some stake in the land. No pay, just travel allowances.

WIlliam Blakes Ghost

If ever there was a reason to abolish the Lords completely it would be to get that damned Oakeshott off the telly. He is the most detestable Libdem of them all......

We don't need a House Of Lords filled up with (corrupt) Tory, Labour and Libdem stooges. Abolish it and give England its own Parliament!

Ted Foan

Oakshott? More like Oaksh*t. Odious Cable toady

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