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April 28, 2012


John Parkes

We now know that Lord Leveson has said it is not his business to look into the matter of a possible breach of the Ministerial Code of Practice; nor is he (Leveson) prepared to allow any politician to be called early out of the sequence already laid down by him. This means that even though Hunt has reported to the House of Commons in person, the matter of the Ministerial Code will not otherwise be taken into consideration and so Labour will be allowed to drag this issue out and make political capital out of it unless this aspect is looked into rapidly. It is doubtful that the media will allow the matter to die in the meantime.
It seems to me that in the circumstances, Hunt himself should ask for the Parliamentary Ombudsman to look into what occurred and make a preliminary report to the Prime Minister within the week. With Leveson to follow shortly afterwards to examine the matter in a different context, there can then be no further excuse for Labour mischief making; and more importantly there will be no public perception that there is some sort of governmental cover-up in train.

michael mcgough

Whatever the view on Hunt there most certainly should be an inquiry into the £2.4 million of stolen moolah laundered and kept by the LibDems.Forget the issue of permissibilty of donation and ElComm's iffy decision making what about HM Constabulary.In truth the establishment have cospired to keep the libdems solvent with stolen money----fair??????????????


I see that Milliband has now overtaken Cameron in the Ipsos-Mori leadership ratings:



The irony is that Milliband does not have to do anything to overtake Cameron in a leadership rating because Cameron doesn't show any. His treatment of the Hunt affair shows this. He is hiding behind Leveson. Given the flak this is getting him from his own press and a number of his own supporters He is either stupid or very afraid. The fact of the matter is that Hunt has selected what he sends to Leveson - so that Leveson's inquiry is stunted. He will not be in any position to make a decision - even if he were so minded. Thus Cameron will either call for a Ministerial Inquiry two months too late or exonerate him on limited evidence. He loses face again. Daft or scared?

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