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April 03, 2012



Nick Clegg has EU pensions, these are dependent upon the active and continuous support of the EU, and can be removed if anti-EU activity is practised.

The Coalition plans for surveillance of the internet as difined by EU Data Retention Directive 2006/24/EC

Amy E

First they propose to read our emails. Now they propose to limit our right to open public trials. Has the world gone mad? Have these out of touch politicians gone dolally. Who elected Cameron or Clegg to do this?
What mandate have they? What is going through their brains that leads them to believe that our electing them
gives them the right to limit our freedoms. To think a Conservative could propose such limitations of our
freedoms. These guys plus May and Clarke need a BIG metaphorical kick. They are going mad with power.


There may be a debate of sorts, but this is an EU Directive and Clegg is the EU's servant, not ours.

The EU is getting more like the EUSSR with every year that passes. And our puppet-government is doing a fine impression of Erick Honecker, the DDR and their Stasi.

And they wonder why the British people loathe the EU - and are now voting for the likes of Galloway.

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