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April 03, 2012


Malcolm Dunn

This doesn't seem much of a defence. He is fall of what it's not but not what it is. What is it?!!!!


So again, the three main parties have a cosy consensus, differing only on the insignificant details.



Which I suggest should be seen within the context of this other EU directive -


Mr Angry

Yet another important issue where the previously strongly held and loudly articulated principles of the coalition partners seem to have just evaporated into the ether.

No wonder the voting public doesn't like or trust any of the main parties anymore, the only constant seems to be hypocrisy and the kind of lefty social fascism that nobody voted for.


Well, if it could have prevented Huntley from murdering those two little girls
Holly and Jessica fron Cambridgeshire then it can only be a good thing, the same goes
for crimes planned over the internet.

It doesn't add up...

There is NO defence.

This whole scheme was originally dreamt up by Labour as part of their campaign for a totalitarian state: when it failed, they persuaded Brussels to take it on. This abuse of Parliament, by-passing it to get the EU to issue directives, shows how deeply undemocratic government has become, and is a prime reason to leave the EU to prevent such abuse.

Such absolute power will be abused in pursuit of everything from local vendettas to abuse by governments against their citizens. That is inevitable. It must be stopped.

It doesn't add up...


Do you think this would stop Asian paedophile gangs and honour killers who operate safe in the knowledge that the police simply aren't interested in risking their PC credentials?

All power corrupts: absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Denis Cooper

Well, I hope that the debate on the new proposals will look back to the mistakes made in previous legislation and rectify them.


1. Access to the data will be restricted to small numbers of personnel with high national security clearance, working in specialised national units established with direct ministerial authorisation for geninuely essential purposes and kept under close scrutiny and control.

NOT every bloody tinpot council official in land, not everybody in HMRC or any other agency, and not even the local bobbies.

2. The data will NOT automatically be shared with agencies in other countries, EU countries or any others, where it would be impossible to exercise the same level of control and the recipients couldn't be trusted.

Mike Barnes

How exactly could it have stopped Ian Huntley? I am genuinely fascinated by this claim. He was already known to the police for several offences (underage sex, rape, burglary etc) and nothing was done.

How exactly would reading his facebook messages change anything?

It is mind boggling, we don't need billions of pounds spent to monitor the internet while simultaneously cutting police numbers. Just spend the money on policing, and punishing the criminals we already have.


So now HMG is going to try and police the Internet. Wow, I don't know what sort of 'herbs and spices' they're on in Whitehall but really?

This the same HMG that can't even get the trains to run cheaply and sensibly and in one version or another have screwed up major IT projects time after time.

Naturally of course the IT Wizards in Whitehall will make no allowance for the difficulties in making a proper effort to track the activities of those that make themselves harder to trace.

V for England

Anyone who hasn't seen V for vendetta SHOULD!!

Here's a sample

Paris Claims

Well, if it could have prevented Huntley from murdering those two little girls
Holly and Jessica fron Cambridgeshire then it can only be a good thing, the same goes
for crimes planned over the internet.

Is this a serious comment?



To quote a Telegraph poster:

"Rubbish, email monitoring had absolutely diddly-squat to do with Huntley being nicked.

Furthermore he had frequently come to the attention of the cops by the good old fashioned way of people reporting his dodgy behaviour to them in person.

Of course the British police being the hopeless, lazy public sector jobsworths that they are they couldn't be bothered doing anything about Huntley and he went on to murder the two little girls.

Yeah right we should give the police even more power than they already have, I mean it's not like they would misuse it to persecute real criminals like motorists and white middle aged "racists" and homophobes or sell our personal details to News International would they?"

Franics Horner

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

Pitt the Younger


They can't/won't depart Qatada, known to be a dangerous advocate of terrorism. They will not exit from the ECHR nor repeal the HRA criminal charter. Nor have police “getting out there” doing their job (rather than diversity and community awareness courses), nor have proper punishments. So instead increase Big State surveillance and intrusion into the privacy of the population, treating us all as potential suspects.

I'm no libertarian. I oppose this type of measure as a traditional values conservative, which includes believing in tough law and order with proper punishments, and a basic sense of justice we all have which must be utterly repulsed by these proposals. It may be to tackle terrorism, paedophiles and org crime for now. But I doubt we can be confident that (whatever ‘assurances’ or ‘safeguards’ are given) there won’t be step by step extension of surveillance to ensure the whole population complies with the dictates and beliefs prescribed by the Big State.

Indeed as "Faustiesblog" said (3.06pm), there seems to be a 3-party cosy consensus. So something needs to be done urgently to get government back from the ruling elite governing class to ensure our liberties are restored and that government is for the good of the whole of society rather than the agendas of elite and vocal minorities.


At least Clegg is consistent in his willingness to mislead the voters. After all it isn't his first handbrake turn.

It doesn't add up...

Petition here:



This is an appalling infringement of our liberties. Whose manifesto was this in? Who voted for this totalitarian measure? Another lie from Calamity Clegg. Another 'looking I'm standing on my head' by
'out of touch' Cameron. This measure is not on. It must be defeated. We supposedly live in a democracy
where we the people are the sovereign power. We did not vote for this. These little tin pot would be
tyrants have no moral right to impose on us infringing our personal correspondence. It must not pass.
Period. And we should take to the streets big time and I mean big time if they dare to legislate for

William Blakes Ghost

All you can say about Clegg (Cameron, May etc etc) is LIAR!


This is merely the Westminster Parrish council implementing the EU directives.
It's what they are for. It's what they do, their raison d'etre.
If we abolished them, the directives would be delayed not one whit. But it would save us a fortune
in guzzle vittles for MPs (and expenses).


Here we are supposedly down to our last pound spending billions on what will be the coalitions computer fiasco.Plus we have terrorists residing in our midst.Enjoying all the luxuries at the taxpayers expence.The political class appears to be having a mental breakdown.

Vincent  C

Clegg lied about no tution fees. He lied about no NHS destruction. Now once more he lies about internet controls. In opposition on each of these issues he promised the very opposite of what is is now pursuing.
Calamity Clegg the LIAR. Lets hope, lets pray, lets ensure his party is wiped out in the forthcoming. He is not fit to be a politician. He is an inveterate liar and a sad spcimen of a moral human being. The sooner the country is rid of him the better


i did not vote conservative to get the worst of new labour.

Ultimo Tiger

This is stupid.

But don't be fooled by some of the people opposing it. They secretly would like these laws, just for use against their own targets.


Brussels calling once more.

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