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April 23, 2012


michael mcgough

Time for the LIBDEMS to stop evading their moral duty.So OK ElComm have said it was a permissible donation as 5th Avenue were trading in the UK (THE TRIAL JUDGE DISPUTES THIS)but it was STILL STOLEN MONEY.They received stolen money and laundered it with the connivance of ElComm and no action from the police.

Clegg cannot assume the moral high ground on any issue until this money is paid back to clients and shareholders in this front company


Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have received stolen money and should be the subject to a police investigation.
Clegg has no intention of paying the money back but still takes the moral high ground in politics at every opportunity.
The Lib Dems have lost all credibility.

WIlliam Blakes Ghost

Well Clegg has said he is not going to pay back those alleged proceeds of crime. Perhaps Ken Clarke should force him? As if......

Yet another example of the systemic corruption that has turned Westminster into a Freakshow. The three establishment parties are like the three strains of Y Pestis. The Tories are the Bubonic Plague featuring a general lack of energy and large swellings (or should that be Bourbonic?), Labour are the Pneumonic strain (which features being unable to breathe) and the Liberal Democrats are the Septicemic strain (which features delerium)

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