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February 16, 2012



Q: Anyone know who the Conservative full time agent is that has been appointed by CCHQ for Eastleigh?
Ans: Trick question there is not one.

So much for targeting a Conservative majority! CCHQ asleep at their desks. zzzzzzzzzzzz

It doesn't add up...

Appropriately swift justice: Southwark Crown Court on March 2nd.

Edward Huxley

I spotted the unfortunate lady who is his ex wife, but no Ms. Trimingham.

It doesn't add up...

No Ms Trimingham? Perhaps "Car in a" is the wrong reminder in the circumstances.


It's a good job Huhne likes being in front of the cameras.


seems today's appearance was a bit pointless, but he is on the road to justice, hope result is speedy
if he has some points he doesn't want Rangers would take them.


Interesting that Hulne tried to get away with sitting in the body of the court, before being ordered into the dock. The same ploy was tried by those three Labour policicians who were brought to court for expenses fraud.

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