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February 19, 2012



What a disgrace.

The coalition is trying to persuade people to vote No in the Independence referendum on a vague 'promise' of extra powers should they do so. Do they really believe that the voters are so stupid as to fall for that?

If Cameron and Moore were serious, they would tell the voters BEFORE the referendum vote what was on offer to help persuade those who would prefer 'more powers' to 'complete independence' to vote No with confidence.

And people wonder why so many voters are losing respect for politics and politicians...

Account Deleted

Lewis, don't be silly. Most do agree that more powers can and should be given to the Scottish Parliament, or to local governments below it, so that is a reasonable expectation. But we should have some commitment from Scotland that it is staying before wasting time on the complex issues involved, issues that affect much more than Scotland alone. The couple is being asked to reconfirm their vows, not to negotiate a pre-nuptial agreement.

Edward Huxley

After listening to this MP (yet another LibDem minister!)I was no wiser than I was before, a classic example of how to avoid answering questions.

Anyway, never mind whether the Scottish referendum is next year or the year after, what I want to know is when are we going to a get a referendum on EU membership?

If the Scots can have one on independence, so can we.


Neither Cameron nor Moore should be offering Scotland any inducement to vote for the Union. While it is for the Scots to decide whether they want full independence, any other relationship with the UK is a matter for everyone in the UK. If more powers are to be offered to Scotland they should be put in a referendum to the peoples of England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well, with the alternative of disolving the Union


Prior to the Scottish Referendum the Conservative Party/Coalition should be planning for an English Government so that devolution is complete in the UK.
Scotland should be independent on condition that the Scots cannot automatically live in England and take English jobs.
This is a reasonable requirement as Scotland will not be a member of the EU and may not be accepted by countries like Spain because support for Scotland joining would encourage Catalonia and the Basque Region to push for independence.


William. Silly?

You use the analogy of a marriage - "The couple is being asked to reconfirm their vows, not to negotiate a pre-nuptial agreement" - so consider this:

If you were considering a divorce because you felt being married was no longer allowing you to live a fulfilling life as you felt you could, would you reconfirm your vows on the basis of "Reconfirm your vows and I'll change, dear." Don't you think you'd want to know a little more detail first, such as how exactly was the marriage going to change? Maybe then, you could se that your marriage had a future after all. However, if you spouse simply said, "I'll only tell you how I'm willing to change AFTER you have reconfirmed your vows", I think you'd doubt whether the offer was sincerely made.

Voters deserve to know details of both what independence would mean for the future of Scotland as well as what rejection of independence would means for the future of Scotland. "Vote to reject independence and we'll tell you what that means afterwards" is not acceptable, and may well increase the Yes vote.


Why the bribe of further powers and privilege? Independence is partly motivated and justified by the injustice of sharing 'Scottish' oil revenue with the rest of the nation. Not a good look:

It's a Scottish asset so sod the rest of the UK. Except when it is a liability, like RBS, when a Scottish asset is a UK liability.

Malcolm Dunn

Happily swap North Sea oil if Scotland votes for independance for the entire debt created by HBOS and Rbs. I would hope that in that scenario there would be no negotiation with the Scots about that at all just a fait accompli.


cameron and moore are now making the running after dc's fantastic speech in edinburgh last week.

i sense the polls with move against the snp.

independence just make sense before the crash.now with rbs/hbos debt and the euro area in a mess it looks a very weak argument.

the union will prosper.taxes must be lower not just in england.the scots on their own would have a massive deficit and join greece in the firing line and make excessive government spending in scotland look like lala land.

Denis Cooper

If the franchise used for the referendum is the same as that for the Scottish Parliament elections then people who are not even citizens of the UK will be invited to help decide whether the UK will continue to exist in its present form, and how can that be right?


"Who is entitled to vote at Scottish Parliament elections?

Anyone who is on the register of local government electors can vote at a Scottish Parliament election. The main requirements if you want to be included on this register are that you must be

resident at an address in Scotland
aged 18 or over on polling day
a British, Commonwealth or European Union citizen.

Homeless people can register using a declaration of local intention. People resident overseas (apart from service personnel serving overseas) cannot vote in Scottish Parliament elections."

Eric T

Why not have a referendum on English independence this year?
It could save the Scots the bother of having theirs.


David Cameron has made a major gaffe by suggesting that Scotland could get more powers if it votes No in the referendum. Now he will be hounded to set out the detail prior to the referendum, and it will prove to many Scottish voters that he is playing them for fools.

Alex Salmond will not be able to believe his luck!


He doesn't confirm anything, everything is for consultation. It is certain that it is either going to be independence or much more devolution. More devolution disadvantages England even more.

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