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February 03, 2012


It doesn't add up...

About time.


Has anyone said, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?' am I the first?

christina Speight

If the man had a shred of decency he would have resigned months ago while legal processes (necessarily) ground slowly on.


"If the man had a shred of decency....." Yes, well, that's a rather large If isn't it? A man who betrayed his wife and dumped her in an exceptionally callous and cavalier way, regularly betrayed his cabinet colleagues through leaks and briefings, allegedly attempted to force his children to perjure themselves, foisted economy- and lanscape-ruining policies on the country, and has the reputation of being one of the most arrogant and unpopular inhabitants of the Westminster Village (which, let's face it, must make him really really really arrogant and unpleasant) is unlikely to 'do the decent thing' now is he?

Patsy Sergeant

Well said Christina!


I'll expect Cameron to appoint another rabid Europhile and Global warming scam fanatic to Huhne's vacated position.
God forbid that we would see the appointment of anyone patriotic and willing to save us from the expensive stupidity of the whole Climate change/ Global warming scam - that just wouldn't do.

So it'll be another Limp Dim toad we'll have to "thank" for continuing to speak up for the EU and the Euro while at the same time shoving three hundred nicker a year on our fuel bills and despoiling every bit of countryside with those poxy, useless and expensive wind turbines.

Have I got an opinion tour goddammed right I do!!

Edward Huxley

I`ve just posted about this under a new heading. "Cameron`s letter to Huhne", full of smarm about "the greenest government ever." I kid you not!

Stand by for a replacement of the same kind.


Well, in place of Chris Huhne we now have Ed Davey.....neatly done, Nick, neatly done! From David Cameron's letter it's clear he won't be in any hurry to have Huhne back in Cabinet any time soon. Nick had to write what he did....but Huhne was always going to be breathing down his neck for the leadership of the LibDems, so the situation is neatly resolved isn't it? As far as the charge of perverting the course of justice is concerned, it is NOT a "trivial" matter, as the LibDem MEP speaking on the mid-day news would have us believe.....it is a serious matter and it needs to be dealt with very soon. Whatever the outcome, Huhne will have a l-o-n-g climb back, if he ever does. He doesn't have a great record integrity wise, that's for sure.

Paris Claims

take your punishment like a man, throw yourself at the mercy of the court, and thank God I'm not the judge.


Sorry to lower the tone and go all colloquial but LOL!

Sad ex soldier

ROFL! There is a God! I am sorry for Vicky though.
Has anyone got anything on the odious Cable?
Clegg cannont go since Cameron needs someone to be a poodle to.

christina Speight

And read James Delingpole's Telegraph's blog listing the oh soooooo many people who have good reason to hate him. Igf you think about the list it incorporates just about everyone every to have dealings with him! It's really rattled the bars of the cages of the wilder LibDems

Northern Man

I believe Huhne will be found innocent & return to the back benches where he will be VERY dangerous to the coalition. You tories hate him & that makes him very well liked by his grassroots members & a big threat to Clegg.Don't rule out a leadership challenge if he's found innocent & with the LDs doing so very badly in the polls.

christina Speight

We hate him for being ruinously expensive as a Green and are reminded with every gas/electric bill. We hate him for being underhand and doing-the-dirty to the press whenever he can and pretending he;s innoicent. We hate him for being disloyalk to the coalition while himself lea=king like mad to the press. And some of us hate him for the disgusting way he treated his wife.


In true public-spiritednss we should save our financially strapped citizens the painful costs of trying this snivelling little creep.

Skip the trial, send him straight to the 'Scrubs for six months.

I know, I admit it, I'm just an old softy.

christina Speight

SENTINEL OF HARTLEPOOL @ 2.43 - Why not give him the kind of kangaroo court of honour-laden civil servants that the equally unpleasant Fred Goodwin got. He never got a proper trial by anybody, just a lynch mob and a bunch of super-annuated mandarins who did what they were told to do by Cameroon, the mob and Milliband

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