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February 21, 2012


George Lees

Could do a mirrored Conservative one - we have resisted tax cuts but have also attempted to resist Lib Dem pro EU and pro immigration moves -

Ross J Warren

Robbing the wealthy to bribe the poor? I am all in favor of tax cuts when they are appropriate, but increasing the tax on the better off is counter-productive. Without a raid on wealth this tax cut is impossible, so in practice it should be resisted, as we know all to well that we cannot afford to borrow money to fund tax cuts. If even a few hundred top rate payers decide to quit the UK as a result of extra taxation, we will fail to raise the money the Limp-Dims think is there. Which coincidentally is money they cannot spend supporting the economy.

George Lees

true but this was a genuinly popular policy of the type we could have done if we had wanted to win the last election. Pity Libs get the credit. Could easily be funded by scrapping tax credits and stop the recycling of peoples money.

It doesn't add up...

"Make the case" would imply some real analysis of how much money they would REALLY raise, and how much damage that might do to the economy in the process. It's easy to say how you might spend money, especially when we're printing so much.


Yet another reminder if one were needed that with the Lib Dems in Government, the UK is closed for business. Also remember that the spotty sixth former who leads the Lib Dems is not paying full UK tax: his real earnings will be in excess of £150,000 yet his expenses are generous and untaxed; his unfunded Europension is taxed at a very favourable rate and his wife is a non-dom.

john parkes

Quite coincidentally I am reading a history of certain aspects of 20th century Europe and today came across an account of the `anschluss;` German annexation of Austria in 1938. Six weeks after the first take-over, Goering commenced his `transfer the wealth` campaign. Aimed at the Jews in particular, large-scale confiscation took place, including the transfer of any Jewish-owned Bank to its Aryan shareholders.
I make no direct comparisons here, nor do I suggest the Liberal Democrats resemble the National Socialists of Germany in the inter-war period. However this concept of the re-assignment of property (mansion tax, leading to evacuation by those unable to pay it) and rearrangement of income tax (adjustment of thresholds) together with sanctions recommended against Banks and bankers, all smack of a historical precedent that verged on the criminal. The sad fact is that eventually this approach imposed severe structural financial and economic damage on the European economies of the time, undermining those structures that remain unsound to this day.
I really believe that the Conservative element of this coalition government ought to pause and take stock before the Liberal Democrats are allowed to hijack a process that although it should be aimed at the regeneration of wealth and the growth that accompanies it, will eventually be destroyed by their visions of `fairness and equality` that will prove to be nothing more than a mirage.

Richard M

I think we start at the top. Junk all the expenses. If you cannot do your job on 65K, let someone who can do it for 35 K have a go. There are plenty of candidates.

If the taxpayer pays for the mortgage, it becomes State and not private property, to be used for the next sitting MP in that area. Works for vicars, to have an allocated house, why not for the expensive jobsworths? After all, there is 290 million worth of consultancy fees for the MOD alone which could be re-directed towards immediately upgrading Forces housing (instead of delaying it for a few years).

If the libbers want this fine policy, then put into effect now : abandon your expenses, go on go on go on go on go on, ya know ya want to? Show us you do really care about the not-so-privileged.


Agree with the previous post, When are the Lib Dems going to repay the proceeds of crime which they received from Michael Brown at the expense of his fraud victims? When is Laws going to repay with interest the expenses he claimed under false pretences?

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