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February 04, 2012


Elaine Turner

Doesn't it just prove that to get into Parliament your home life needs to be settled and the other half fully supportive and aware of the sacrifices that have to be made, because with the searchlight of the press permanently on you, you need to be squeaky clean at all times. If you want to philander, leave the H of C.

Speaking as a boring older person, there is a matter of trust and integrity as well. Proportionately, the Liberal Democrats seem to have less of it, which is odd for a party claiming to have such lofty ideals. If any Conservative MPs are reading this and being naughty, I do urge you to extricate yourself quickly and quietly and hope you don't get found out!!

Andrew Smith

On the contrary.

It appears that non-standard personal lives make politicians more attractive to other politicians and they appear to be favoured over those with stable regular home lives.

Look at the examples of (mainly) male MPs who have cheated on their wives. If they stay with their wife, and she is prepared to keep him (why?!), they are ridiculed and their affairs are spread across the pres (eg Cecil Parkinson). If they walk out on the wife and shack up with the mistress the press idolises them and sneers at the wife.

Of course, I think this is all the wrong way round.

Bit what is it that causes (mainly) men to think they can behave like testosterone charged pimply youths just because they wee able to get elected to Parliament, or to be employed by an MP as an assistant? Is there something in the water at Westminster?


pure and simple,they have got away with complicated lives and incoherent policies because nobody really bothered to check.

now they are in the lime light they are scrutonised and their trick of having divergent local and national policy does not work now.

Mary Page

I think this may be more about the place of women in the UK and about the access to power, money and status...

Elaine - agree that one of major factors for the Election success is the genuine support of a partner - as MPs and in particular LD MPs tend to be majority male - that also means career women such as Cleggs' wife Miriam get criticised. So women seeking 'status/power/money' might be attracted to otherwise less attractive men - Mike Hancock!

Andrew - there may be a factor that LD women are more 'modern' less 'traditional' and less likely to tolerate and stand by their man out of 'duty - national or otherwise'. Look at modern Tory woman MP Louise Mensch - she got divorced and remarried - whereas as far as i know despite Boris' affair his wife has stayed and I still don't even know her name...


Evan Harris or Doctor Death as he is known is forever on TV and the Media as an unelected person who does not understand that the Liberal Democrats are in government.
He is doing the Liberal Party much harm in continually being anti-Coalition and anti-Conservative.
We all know he is best known for fighting like a tiger in the H of C when he was an MP to retain abortion for 24 week unborn children rather than have it reduced to 20 or 22 weeks.
He does not recognise the rights of the unborn child and he and the Liberal Democrats are quite content for Britain to continue being the abortion capital of Europe with over 6 million unborn children killed since the abortion act.

North Briton

If by "complicated" you mean "sordid", then yes.

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