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January 26, 2012



Like Labour the Lib Dems aren't interested in significantly reducing public spending. They want, and have got, runaway public spending so that they can use it as a pretext for raising taxes, of which a small percentage will be handed back to the "squeezed middle". This is Clegg's version of "fairness". It mainly involves shafting the under 35's but this age group have already worked out that Clegg is a chancer who is not to be trusted.

True Blue

He can star by allowing hard working people to increase their tax free allowance base by the cost of their season tickets to get to work.

The situation becomes rediculous when people are paying more to go to work than what they are able to earn!


The problem with this is that the paid for the last increase in the allowance by pulling the 40% tax limit down.

It is unacceptably low.

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