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January 12, 2012


Phil Kean

Back to it original purpose?

That's a laugh, coming from Liberals. For the 'welfare system' to revert BACK to its original purpose, Governments MUST accept that there will not ONLY be a medium term period of hardship, for both parents AND their children, but that this hardship is a NECESSARY function.

Weak-minded, lilly-livered, weak-willed Socialists such as Cameron & Clegg would NEVER tell benefit scroungers that they are on their own if they continue to believe they can have multiple children supported by the taxpayer.
They would cave in or circumvent the system the first time one of these bottom-feeding parasites cries on TV News about not having enough milk to feed their babies.

Of course, I would guess that cigarette manufacturers, Bookmakers, Satellite TV, Booze and Pizza companies would ALSO be up in arms if Governments decided to return the benefits system back to its core purpose.


Well I grew up in relative poverty in the 60s/70s and my single mother took on 3 cleaning jobs to feed and clothe me and my sister. Father was an alkie who f"cked off. So if Clegg wants to go back to that kind of welfare when all mum got was the very bare minimum from the government then I am all for it. Not sure if that is what this extremely rich socialist actually means though.

Well said Phil Kean@0752. Like you comment about cigarette maufacturers etc but you forgot to add one group of business people. Drug dealers would be up in arms and may even threaten to strike. How would the government cope with that eh???

Phil Kean

Reply to the special one.

How co-incidental. I grew up in a near mirror situation to yours. My mum did
2 jobs. Secretary during the day, an usherette at night. I looked after my
younger sister in our privately rented flat while my mother worked.
That was from about 7 years old onwards.
And we went hungry quite a few times. Isn't it funny how people like us, who
HAVE experienced real hardship, absolutely HATE scroungers and Socialists.

Mike Barnes

So the two of you grew up in poverty and are now wishing it on other people. My word.


And you've clutched that bittereness close to your heart for many years.
Let it go Phil. You might find you'll end up being a decent person instead of a hate filled nasty old man.


I agree with the comments by those of us raised on the absolute minimum.We do not like the way the benefit system has ended up.

Three, out of the five, of my lot have 'done pretty well' from the state funded system...Their offspring have done them proud by having children they can not afford to keep.

ALL able bodied and fit for work!

Two of us have 'done pretty well' from the employment system, with our pride intact, and owe no one.....neither of us have had children...Too busy keeping the rest of the parasites in the family.

It does not make me bitter, but puzzled as to why the idle, scrounging, dossers in the my family have no pride in themselves.


Millionaire Dave Cameron steals financial support from sick and disabled children and cancer patients in spite of claiming benefits for his own disabled son.

When things aren't going the Tories way in the Lords due to multiparty opposition, Lord Freud resorts to underhand tactics to push through his Bill.

Now the Tories seek to abuse parliamentary process in order to push through their attacks on disabled children and cancer patients.

How low can Dave go?


Oh, come on! If ever there was a time we could all agree with Clegg, it's surely this! The Welfare System has infected this country like a disease. It was Labour's plan to make people dependant on a tax credit or an allowance in one way or another so that at every election they could threaten people and say "those nasty Tories will take it all away." And they were partly right because we believe in letting more people keep their own money (the money they earn) rather than taking tax from everyone and then thinking government knows best how to spend it. There are people in genuine need and there are those who play the system - it's good to see a government doing something about it rather than tough talk and no action (Labour X13 years.)


Oh dear me Holly.
I've read your comments elsewhere and here where you have explained in great detail your partner's illness, in effect that he was so seriously disabled by ill health that he was virtually unable to move.
Despite his alleged very serious condition you heroically related that it was perfectly acceptable to you to have his sickness payments withdrawn (for whatever reason) and in fact you were on the verge of rejoicing in the loss of income, a bit of an unusual practice in these hard times.
I'd suggest to you that judging from your descriptions of his disablement, most wives or partners would do everything possible to defend their sick partner, not least financially, when needing to cater for the many extra needs incurred with such serious illness.

Now you are going into detail about alleged members of your family. You are much given to divulging personal detail, though I haven't noticed too many respectful plaudits to you from other respondents.

Some might wonder that the stuff you write here and elsewhere is untrue or just embroidered garbage, or, that you are so in love with Tory ideology that you are even capable of putting the needs of your partner and respect for your family second as you relate your heroism to Tory blogs.


And you call us Tory bods 'nasty'.
If you want to believe I am fabricating all this, I will therefore be flattered at my astounding memory for detail, because the facts have remained the same over the years, whichever site I post on.

Dr Turner Huddersfield Royal.-Oncologist.10/01/12
Dr HHM Elsayed, arranged for the thing in Mr H's breathing tube. Follow up appointment at Jimmy's Leeds. 1/12/11.

Trust me I would have found something more exciting
to post about if I was fabricating something, AND it would not be on the internet.

DWP letter 05/01/12.
DLA-Mobility- highest rate(£51.40)- from 5/12/11-indefinitely.(Goes direct to Vauxhall)
DLA-Care- Highest rate(£73.60)-from 5/12/11 to 16/09/14.
I am not a hero or heroic. I am realistic,boring and love my husband.
In sickness & in health.


'Going into detail' about family members'.
Five of us sisters.
Two older two younger than me.
Eldest two idle sods.(b.1955-2 kids-1 grandson) & (b-1957-4 kids-8 grandchildren-4 of them the daughter's)
Me (b 1960-no kids)
One younger than me(b 1962-2 sons-one adopted in late '70's)..Never worked.
Youngest(b 1965-no kids)
My great nephew, the grandson of my eldest sister, stays with me at weekends...The one that looked at me like a fried frog when I told him being nice is NOT a weakness it IS a strength...FAR too open & honest maybe, but a liar/fabricator I am not.

Give us a shout if you want their names.


The first part of my comment referred to comments made elsewhere pre. 2012.

I would't want names revealed on the *World Wide* Web, and it's astonishing to me that you think it acceptable to demean family members so publically, something most people would never do.


Why should I accept the FACT that members of my family are scrounging, idlers, when I don't accept it from strangers?
Name 'em & shame 'em I say!
No one on the WWW have any idea the identity of my family members unlike,You've Been Framed.

Re- Mr H...Pre 2012 it was the same tumour!
Incurable..Inoperable...Simply shrinkable!

This is the only place I talk can talk about this without falling apart at the reality of it all..
I am a complete mess so forget any heroic rubbish.
You have absolutely no idea how people soon tire of it all or don't know what to say to us and so they stay away.
Mr H only sees the strong side of me.
I WILL be ten minutes behind him.


"You have absolutely no idea how people soon tire of it all or don't know what to say to us and so they stay away."

Not so, many of us have had to face up to the life changing illnesses that have struck down our family members.
And those who are ill, or their carers, often need financial assistance to bear that burden. This Govt. under the guise of financial austerity is restricting or withdrawing that support, in the same way that they are with unemployment benefits.
To achieve that aim they spin and deceive to their acolytes who then label people in the most derogatory terms, as illustrated above.
This article below is typical desperate Tory tactics, doesn't it just make you proud.

“The government was warned on Thursday that it is running the risk of abusing parliament in its attempts to reverse a triple defeat in the House of Lords over plans to cut benefits for disabled people.
Labour, which accused the government of crossing the line of decency with its reforms, pledged to fight any coalition effort to use special parliamentary procedures to reverse the votes.
The row erupted after Lord Freud, the welfare reform minister, surprised peers late on Wednesday night by tabling a new amendment. Freud acted after peers rejected plans to means-test employment and support allowance (ESA) payments for disabled people – plus cancer patients and stroke survivors – after only a year. Peers also rejected plans to time-limit ESA for cancer patients and to restrict access to ESA for disabled or ill young people.
But the minister's amendment partially reversed the vote on young people.
Lady Hollis of Heigham, Labour's former welfare minister, criticised the Freud amendment – tabled after most peers had left parliament for the evening in the belief that there were no further substantive votes.”

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