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January 22, 2012


Cleethorpes Rock

£500 a week is too much and an affront to people who work for their money.

We should be making clear that the £500 limit is a starting point that we intend to bring down. This will put us on the side of working people, unlike Labour Fabians and anti-patriots who believe in taking from the workers to give to the shirkers.

Ross J Warren

As long as any cap excludes DLA or its replacement PIPs, I think support for it will remain high.
Nobody wants to punish the disabled or the terminally sick.


Cleethorpes Rock.12.34.

Going by Owen Jones's take on this,on last night's paper review, £26k a year is an affront to the unemployed.
Even the presenter had to tell him to 'listen & learn', about what makes a double dip recession.
He was made to look like a silly little boy in a grown up world.
£500 a week IS far too much.


"Nobody wants to punish the disabled or the terminally sick."

Are you sure about that? The Tories seem to be doing a good job of targetting the sick and disabled.

Millionaire Dave Cameron was happy to claim DLA for his sick son, yet he is removing this benefit from over 1/2 million sick and disabled people. He's cut the ILF, cut social care funds and is trying to target cancer victims.


Being an alcoholic/drug abuser is not a disability,
even though it may have a dibilitating affect on the user.
These, along with many other 'disabilities' should be removed from the qualifying criteria and be replaced with other benefits available, on condition rehab/councelling is sought by the user.

Sitting in the chemist waiting for prescriptions for palliative cancer care, watching methadone users get no REAL help whatsoever is quite disheartening.
Once pretty, bright young women & handsome bright young men in their teens, now complete wrecks, in their mid twenties.They really do look dreadful.
Is that REALLY what the NHS/welfare benefits are there for?
It really is quite upsetting to see. I honestly do feel for them, and wonder how different their lives could have been if proper treatment had been offered as an alternative to methadone earlier, with a carott & stick approach.
Such a waste.


We are all aware of how this country thanks to Labour have been shafted with massive handouts.
My biggest worry is idiots like Clegg and Cable are wittering on about a mansion tax that will ruin in London the best property market in the World.
I know a lady aged 78 years of age in Fulham that owns a house that is worth £3,500,000 she has lived in this house for 45 years and she is not a Banker
These stupid people do not realise there are road after road in many areas in London with properties over £2,000,000 paying 50% tax or people like the people above.
Forget the mansion tax and start to concentrate on people that are milking the system such as the countless foreigners having £8000 per month for rent.

Matthew Reynolds

If they raise the basic personal tax allowance to £12,000 p/a for all taxpayers irrespective of age or income and pay for it by ending many tax breaks that really favour the rich then most may well see that as fair.An end to the complex tax allowance claw-back threshold of £100,000 p/a and the still complicated pensioner tax allowances would help reduce the number of pen-pushers.We could make work pay and reduce the burden for the middle-classes to stress that the we are not just offering a stick in the form of welfare reform but a carrot by swelling the pay-packets of many people.By funding this by stripping out concessions for the rich we make taxes simpler which both coalition parties claim to want and ensure that the wealthy play their part by showing that 'We are all in this together.'

So I back the welfare cap but if taxes are made fairer then it may be seen as more palatable.


I'm really pleased the limit is going ahead. It clearly shows that we (and some LibDems) believe that fairness isn't about how much benefits you give to someone, but also considering if people on benefits are better off than those in work. Those who work SHOULD always be better off and even though jobs are in short supply for now - it's good to get a limit in and try to change attitudes/behaviour. When unemployment falls, people will know that staying on benefits won't bring in as much money as going out and working. Good on Clegg for sticking with the policy. His left wingers might well be wavering, but they're utterly wrong and need to realise that fairness is for all people NOT just those on benefits!

Malcolm Dunn

As an example of Marr's bias this interview was a shining example. Compare it with his interview of Milliband and count the number of interruptions.


The Labour Party and some Liberal Democrats including the awful Paddy Ashdown are against the £500 per week benefit cap and Ashdown is going to vote against it in the Lords.
The hard working general public must despair at Ashdown and others promoting taking money from those that work and giving it to those that do not.


A chance to look at acknowledging their real emotional needs and examining the underlying causes can be an excellent foundation to building a new, healthier way of living. Individual kelowna counselling may also offer the chance to build self-esteem and self respect.

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