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January 23, 2012



The Thatcheresque Economic Model is DEAD and should be BURIED but it is being kept artificially alive and so we have a Post Thatcher Zombie Economy.
The Zombie Economy is the Political-Economic Paltform of the ConDem Govt.
The Zombie Economy is the End Result of 30 odd years of the Thatcheresque (Thatcher + Grotesque = Thatchersque) where "Madam" Thatcher and her cronies used the Organs of the State to systematically SMASH any OPPOSTION to rampant Monetarism and Letting the Market Rip.
The Bankers were the Storm Troopers of this rampant Thatcheresque Economic Model and look where they led us.
The Thatcher Zombies need to be put out of their misery so that we can progress to a Post Zombie Economy.

Andrew Smith

I am not sure why the Socialist Workers Party have started to read this blog and post comments quite a silly as the one from JJH.

My posting was to be that the announcement (diversion?) by Cable shows this to be a determined anti-capitalist government. It has more in common with the Wilson, Heath and Callaghan years then any other period I can think of. Even the slow decline under MacMillan was punctuated by intermittent recognition of the importance of national defense.


Excuse me. Who are you calling a Socialist Workers party member?

Wake up form your self-deluded dream world and go out and SEE the world.

Socialist Workers Party? You're 'avin a Giraffe!!


I considered replying to JJH but decided his posting was absolute rubbish.

It doesn't add up...

What's Cable doing about footballers' pay?

Martin Sewell

I am a bank shareholder. If I am content to have my company's money paid to a trader and he pays top rate tax, rather than being paid to me for me to pay tax at a lower rate, a) How is the taxpayer adversely affected b) what business is it of yours, or Vincent Cable?

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