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December 06, 2011


It doesn't add up...

The best thing for us to do is to take some decisions, rather than let everyone else take them for us to our detriment.

Denis Cooper

That's a fresh and very good idea, IDUA!

William Blakes Ghost

What does that incompetent twerp know about what Britain needs? All he's done since he's been a Minister is obsess over his pet bigotries (Murdoch and Bankers) and posture for young women instead of putting together a credible growth plan. Doesn't he realise that thats what he as business secretary should be doing. Why is it every single Libdem is a desk blocker?

Elaine Turner

Does he live in a different dimension? We have never been at the heart of EU decision making, we wouldn't lose anything by leaving.... save regain our sovereignty.

Ricardo's Ghost

Bigotries William Blake? That would be against Murdoch who was running a media empire infested with criminal activity, and a banking sector run incompetantly on business models built on legalised fraud.

Amusing though to see Cable being attacked on here for what is essentially the same argument that Bill Cash makes.


So how has our influence helped us with the ever increasing budget? With the common fisheries policy? With the proposed Tobin Tax? With the whole raft of job destroying regulation?

If we pull out of the EU we have just about the same we have over EU law right now.....none! BOO - much cheaper and less ruinous!


Cable wouldn't recognise British interests if they came up and bit him on the arse.

Roger Helmer MEP

The further we can distance ourselves from EU decision-makers, the better. We've seen how totally dysfunctional they are. In my 12 years as an MEP, I've never had businesses lamenting that we're not part of American, or Chinese, or Japanese decision-making. How is Europe different?

Have we forgotten Switzerland's cost-benefit analysis on EU membership, which showed that being out was decisively better than being in? And as the powers that be won't allow us our own cost-benefit analysis, I make no apology for relying on Switzerland's.

John Parkes

Until Cable explains clearly why this is so, there are too many counter-arguments, properly constructed, to demolish this assertion. Wishful thinking on his part, employed to justify a political position without empirical eveidence to support it is just arrogant nonsense that underestimates the intelligence of the rest of us.

Robert DMML

We have been marginalised for years, before and even more since Maggie went. So what's new?

Lindsay Jenkins

Mr Cable is full of surprises: since when has 8 % of a vote constituted influence?

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