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December 10, 2011


mick mcgough

Perhaps Davies is out of the upper echelon loop of the LibDems.
Cameron appears to be following the EuroMove script Andrew Duff;


Peter Thurgood

Chris Davies wants to stand up for Europe. David Cameron has stood up for Great Britain - and about time to.

If Davies doesn't like it - jump ship and good riddance to bad rubbish!

David Parker

Sadly, Chris Davies typifies that breed of Eu MPs who have been totally brainwashed ( being generous enough, in his case, to credit him with enough brains to be washable) by having spent far too long indulging themselves in the flesh pots of Brussels and Strasbourg, to the detriment of both their livers and their logic.

So far from losing influence or authority in the EU, Britain never had any to lose. For decades we have been trying to achieve improvements in the expensive, unproductive and environmentally damaging policies of the CAP and CFP, to quote but two examples, but have achieved absolutely nothing bar Blair's surrender of part of our rebate in exchange for broken promises.

Whilst it is perfectly possible for Britain and mainland Europe to live peaceably and trade profitably with each other, as has happened for varying periods in times past, this does not mean that we need to share a common government, or even be coerced into attempting to share a common currency, law and culture. That, in itself is more likely to be a recipe for war.

The European Project was, in its origins, possibly well intentioned, though many would say unrealistic and doomed to failure, as was the League of Nations. However, in practical terms both the EU and the euro also seem headed for the same fate. Why is it that politicians and bureaucrats instead of constructively building for victory always seem so derermined to keep on digging their holes ever deeper for disaster?

Steve Green

The Superstate's useful idiot

Mr Angry

Nope Mr Davies, it is the LibDems who have, us usual, let us all down very very badly indeed by, once again, being unable to keep their ignorant mouths shut as instructed despite the very many unearned advantages that the horrendous coalition gives them.

The indecent haste with which they would throw away our right and ability to govern ourselves clearly shows them up as unfit for any position of power at any level in the UK. They are irresponsible, dishonest, insanely politically correct and just plain incompetent. To vote LibDem is to squander your vote in support of stupidity and national betrayal.

It doesn't add up...

Who is "us"? MEPs on the gravy train? In which case - about time too!


Davies is potty. The sooner he has to get a proper job the better.


Chris Davies is on the EU GRAVY TRAIN - of course he feels let down - he does not mind the financial services and banking going to Frankfurt and Paris.

Cleethorpes Rock

Why do the BBC give airtime to extremist headbangers like Davies?


What nonsense, Mr Davies.

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