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December 01, 2011



Of course there is Danny because as we know already, the Government will cave in.


I hope that the Government will not give in to the public sector unions. In my opinion the offer is far too generous as it is. These people must be made to understand that taxpayers cannot pay for their gold plated pensions any more. We have been paying in crazy amounts for years and years, 14% and in the case of some workers up to 25% of their salary, while they have only been paying in 1.5% contributions. On top of that we have to make up the the loss of funds caused by Gordon Brown's pension raid of 5 Billion a year on pension funds because those are the rules, the employer makes up the shortfall.Hang on these people don't have a pension fund because every month their pensions are paid out of current tax receipts. What a horrific mess Labour bequeathed to us and Labour Shadow Ministers and MPs have got the nerve to criticise the Coalition who are trying to sort out their mess.

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