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December 09, 2011


Edward Huxley

Usual lies,"hundreds of thousands of British jobs depend on our being in the EU"

Steve Tierney

Cable is just boring now. And wrong, IMHO.

It doesn't add up...

I think he should have said "continuing membership of the EU - whatever that means" with a nod to Prince Charles' comment about love for his fiancee.

Mr Angry

Unfortunately CH does not permit the type of language that is the only accurate way to describe both Cable and the vast bulk of his dreadful party.

A Public Sector Worker

Do you think he realises that DC has essentially trapped the Lib Dems by playing the long game rather than pandering to the Euro Sceptics and UKIP? The EU 26 will push us out eventually, they won't be able to help themselves, but the Lib Dems won't be able to blame the Conservatives and therefore if they break the Coalition over this then they'll look silly.

I think it's great, although I still don't know whether we're better off in or out.

John Prendergast

Cameron had two choices, accept and watch the City suffer or Veto and take the hard road. It is to his credti He ook this firstsmall but brave step to Freedom and Independence.

Cable should shut up. I will try to find a way to section him soon, if I can. I will also see if I can get a case of treason against him. I truly promise.

Paul McKeown

Be careful what you wish for, fruitcakes...

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