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December 04, 2011


We the People

what about ending taxpayer funds going to trade unions either directly or indirectly? It is a more pertinent point and one that taxpayers are paying for now, receipants of government cash also lose out because look at the alternatives that money could have been spent on instead.

I don't think government has any place interfering in the private sector on boardroom pay, it is a competetive market. You may not see any dramatic improvements in company performance but I would have thought the skill in the current economic circumstances is to mitigate falls in profitability or maintain profit margins.

It's time that some woke upto the fact we live in a competetive global economy, that means things can be unpalatable politically. If you don't want huge differentials then don't open up our markets, borders and everything else. Some of these companies cut costs by using cheap immigrant Labour instead of UK born individuals.

Public sector retrenchment is needed due to overspending, underemployment of existing work force, huge pension liabilities and wasteful uses of resources. Having worked in the prvate sector and observed public sector activity I really wonder what planet the public sector live on! I think Clegg should be wary and its obviously political positioning, however Labour are demonising the private sector - Clegg should watch what he says does not indirectly help Labour.

Labour go on about bankers and bonuses yet it was Labour who let the city develope their unsustable ways and it was Labour who made huge mistakes such as the shot-gun marriage between HBOS and Lyolds TSB or Northern Rock. Labour were the ones who created the Banking crisis and used taxpayer money at a loss to bail out Labour's friends in the banks.

Steve Tierney

It should be obvious, and its terrifying that it does not seem to be anymore - the pay agreements of private individuals within private companies is no business of the state. But this is how the socialists get you. They create a media villain, cartoonish and colourfully portrayed, wait for the inevitable cry of: "Something must be done," then ride in on their red chargers to save the day. Nick Clegg might seem harmless, but this is dangerous stuff.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Clegg but I do on this issue. I have nothing against workers, be they Bankers or Boilermakers, getting a bonus either for individual good work well done or for contributing to the profit and growth of their employer. However the amounts paid to Top Bankers, sometimes perceived to be paid even in the event of failure, are simply too large and in these days of austerity are an insult to those who have had to take pay CUTS through no fault of their own or have even lost their jobs. Some limit needs to be put on such excessive bonuses.

Andrew Smith

So that also means no defunct UK politicians will be sent off to Brussels as Commissioners, does it; after all, Clegg would not want anyone to think that Cameron had done him a favour just before losing his seat in Sheffield, would he.

And how did Cleggie get his internship that launched his EU-funded political career? Errrrr, ummmmm.

John Prendergast

Clegg has yet toearn one penny of his Deputy PM's salary. He is a trypical silly richb guiy whboi has n ever worked, like many other MPs.

I would like Jermey Clarkson to execute him.

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