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December 18, 2011


Cleethorpes Rock

Ah well. Let him get it out of his system.

Steve Tierney

I agree with Clegg on this - and I really, really hate doing it. But it's just not the state's job to interfere in how, when and in what patterns people associate. If an MP thinks marriage is great (and I agree, it is) then give a speech. Tax and subtle coercion are not the way to go. Once you accept the government nudge - even for an admirable institution like marriage - you are accepting it everywhere.

Alistair Thomas

You can't have it both ways. There are numerous instances where benefits are denied to one partner because the other partner earns too much. Either the Inland Revenue has no business knowing anything about our relationships, period, or we have have family friendly tax policies. At a time of moral decline and a generation of children that have grown up where many have no family or social values (riots anybody?) then we desperately need to get back to where the family is the core of our society. Liberal principles are fine in principle they just don't stand up to the rigours and practicalities of life in many instances.

It's not about marriage, it's about family. How can liberals be against family?


so now we know why britian is in such a mess. chippy social policies with terrible consequences.

the real problem these liberals and socialists have now is the facts are there with 'the centre for social justice'.

they cant be denied any more.we need change.

throwing money at these families has been a social disaster.

Roger Helmer MEP

Odd to contrast Gordon Brown's "Moral Compass" with the Clegglet's moral relativism. No, Nick, not all relationships are equal, and government is entitled to take a rational view of which is worth supporting through the tax system.

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