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December 11, 2011


David J

Well - leave the coalition, force a General Election and see what happens to your party Nick.

Tony Makara

Clegg and Co were quite prepared to dump their core principles for a chance to play piggy back in a Conservative government, and are now relegated to moaning from the sidelines as a Conservative government gets on with its own business.

Hypocrities like Clegg have no right to complain.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

WONDERFUL! I hope Cameron's use of the Veto has utterly ruined the weekend for Clegg and all Lib-Dems. I'm having a little holiday in my heart! Now are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Coalition? One can but hope!


Nick Clegg is out of his depth and has no idea how to act in government and still thinks he is opposition.
Without the Conservatives the Liberal Democrats would be focused on minority human rights and global warming whilst the economy and the country collapsed.

Robert Cook

Clegg! Tell somebody who gives a 'care'!!!

It doesn't add up...

How does a party with such low levels of national support get so much TV time? Did the EU ring up and demand it, or does it just come naturally?

Lindsay Jenkins

Clegg does not understand the City - at all - or the EU's impact upon it. And that is true of every part of the EU and the UK's relationship with it.

Clegg is very very dangerous to all our futures.

Tony Makara

"How does a party with such low levels of national support get so much TV time?"

Same reason as a party so threadbare on talent gets a guarantee of senior cabinet positions...its propping up an unelected government.

Can anyone seriously argue that dithering Danny Alexander is ministerial material?

mick mcgough

I fear he doth protest too much and should seek the advice of Andrew Duff MEP

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I have been watching someone called "Lord Oakshott (who he?) on TV whingeing as are all Lib-Dems. Let them drink long and deeply of the cup of misery and bitterness! I will really enjoy my pub lunch today!

I Albion

The very people who are supposed to be worried about the effect it will have on Britain are the same people who could not give a toss about "Britain" especially the English part of it!


Lord Pearson of Rannoch asked HMG in a Written Question:
To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answer by Lord McNally on 15 November (WA 140), whether the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Nick Clegg, is eligible to receive a pension from the European Commission; if so, when that pension will become payable; what will be its annual amount; and whether the terms of that pension "CONSTRAIN" his actions.

HMG's response was a little odd:

The Deputy Prime Minister is no longer eligible to receive a pension from the European Commission.

Helen Szamuely asks, No longer? What does that mean? Was he at any time and why is he not so any longer?


Who cares what this socialist twit thinks. Its the words of fear and ideology and not based on economic facts. The EU is a drain on our resources with a £50 billion trade deficit annually. We never get our way in Europe, no ionfluence, just pay through the nose for an undemocratic Franco-German alliance that wants to destroy us.

WIlliam Blakes Ghost

Someone pick up his dummy and give him a hanky. Perhaps mummy will kiss his boo-boo for him!

If it was so damn important why did he take himself off to bed (knowing things were an 'uphill struggle') and why didn't his aides wake him when they were informed? Its all a lot fake hysteria to placate his own delusional fantasist unruly mob of supporters!

The Libdems are a disgrace.......

Edward Huxley

After the praise he has received for standing up for Britain in Brussels why doesn`t Cameron tell Clegg he has a choice, either accept the decision with good grace or resign?

After his remarks I do not see how Clegg can remain DPM and the same applies to Cable and Huhne.

Mr Angry

Aaahh diddums, did the poor lost little LibDems get all upset just because nobody loves them or cares what they think anymore, except the scumbag BBC of course. AAaahhh.......

Graham Smith

With Mr Clegg undermining David Cameron's historic and principled stance on defending the UK's financial independence, coupled with Mr Cable's comments to friends that he cannot continue to support Mr Cameron's stance, surely even the dullest person on the Clapham omnibus can see that trust has broken down to such an extent that the LibDems are no longer prepared to support the coalition government.

In the circumstances, Mr Cameron should ask Her Majesty the Queen to dissolve Parliament, so forcing a General Election early in the New Year.

John Parkes

As far as I can understand it, Clegg does not say if he would have supported the Merkozy requirements that would have had such a devastating effect on the City; with all that would mean for our national solvency and growth. If he would have done so, perhaps he should let us know how he believes the government should deal with deficit reduction and all the other projects he has in mind to act as sops to the taxpaying public, offered as they appear to be as Lib Dem goodies aimed at buying support at the next genberal election. He prides himself on being a `principled politician` (in his case something of an oxymoron perhaps). If as we are led to believe he and his Party supported the line Cameron proposed to take, and this was rejected by Sarkozy in particular, what did he expect Cameron to do instead?
This playing politics for sectional advantage really must now stop. Either he is in the government or there must be an early general election. He, Cable and Huhne in particular must be made to face the consequences of their `dream-world` politics or they will soon mimic the wind turbine that burst into flames last week.

Malcolm Wood

I’m bitterly disappointed with just about everything to do with Nick Clegg.
What a monstrous waste of time and space he is. Talk about a u-turning back-stabber
If there is one person who his holding back the country’s revival it is Calamity Clegg
What a shame we can’t have an election. Calamity and most of his week kneed mob would be out on their ears.

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