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November 16, 2011



When he's done all he can to increase unemployment it's a bit rich of him to go to the TV and say nothing can be done.

Next he'll be having a go at people regarding data protection.

How he still has his job, I don't know.

Ross J Warren

This man is supposed to be the business minister, if he cannot come up with anything useful to say perhaps it is time to move somebody who gives a dam into his job.

T.England. Very working class.

I know Vince’s lot would like to give another 40 billion pound away to prop up the EU but how would it be that they DON’T & instead keep it to invest in our children?

I know, what a stupid idea, who in their right mind would want to help our own children when there’s a federal super state to save!

Iain Gill

stop allowing the indian outsourcers to flood the country with indian nationals on ICT visas to subcontract them into other companies displacing Brits from the workforce would be a start!

theres several hundred thousand jobs that would be available for UK residents in the flick of an administrators pen, and more if you count all the moving of skills offshore it would slow down

Brits worked hard to perfect that intellectual property allowing it to seep out of the country also destroys jobs here

Super Blue

I see the neo-Nazi Daily Rant is crawling all over here with his cut-and-paste remarks.

Iain Gill

super blue accusing me of being a nazi again, yawn

really how boards like this allow him to get away with this amazes me

i am not nazi and it is not nazi like to debate immigration issues

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