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November 01, 2011


Andrew Smith

Sorry Vince - above your pay grade.

Politically they are dealt with by the EU so go to the back of the class, stupid boy!

Economically they are dealt with by businesses selling and buying in a relatively free market.

Good bye Vince, there is nothing here to detain you.

It doesn't add up...

That doesn't mean we let them come here under Mode 4 over in ever increasing numbers.

Tony Makara

Does Cable believe the UK can trust a communist-run state that threatens to use its massive foreign currency reserves as a "Nuclear Economic Option", if the West ever sets conditions on trade that it doesn't like?

Some of us understand that while China might run a state-capitalist market, it nonetheless is run by a hardline communist government that is already in the business of employing verbal threats against the West.

We need to drag the likes of Vince Cable of their Pro-China comfort-zone.

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