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November 04, 2011



No one begrudges a policeman or nurse a decent pension, the problem is that they don't know just what a fantastic deal their pension is so they don't appreciate how much of a top up on top of their pay it is worth. Why don't our government work out what pension savings pot a policeman contributing 11% of their salary would have today looking back over the past thirty years of contributions and tell them what this accrual would buy them after taking the tax free lump sum they get how much annually in the private market it would buy them at the same age, with transfer to spouse. Then everyone can see clearly what the taxpayers top up is.

David Hankey

The trade unions, their leaders and their members should realise by now that we are in a period of serious belt tightening. The inherited deficit has left us all in a position where financial adjustments have to be made. The halcyon days of local government gravy trains are well and truly over. And just to put this 'Strike Notice' decision into perspective the general public and taxpayers of this country should be made aware that of the 1.08M members of Unison a mere 22.5% voted in favour meaning over 842K chose either to vote no or not both voting. This is a deplorable state of affairs and to hold the country to ransom in this fashion is only taking us back to the nasty days of the 70/80's.


Unison members *voted by three to one* to back a walkout that could involve up to a million social workers, nurses, care assistants, school dinner ladies and teaching assistants. The ballot, the biggest in the union’s history, means nurses and health care assistants could strike for the first time in 30 years.” - Times (£)

David Hankey

It was only 3 - 1 by those who bothered to vote!! The fact of the matter is a minority will bring about turmoil and upheaval for the majority and have far reaching consequences on their 'Day of Inaction'.


Why don't all those who voted for the strike just go on strike and not bother coming back. At least then we would have a public workforce who have shown that they understand the current economics and issues that affect the pensions of those who actually pay their salary and pension

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