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November 23, 2011


christina Speight

What a oddball thing to post on Conservative Home. Our society as well as our economy is falling to bits and our very independence is threatened by the EU and all our government can do is to interfere in the savage acts of a backward but powerful nation. Truly - - 'Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad' (or words to that effect)

Oh Yes! Jeremy Browne = LibDem MP Taunton and Minister of State responsible for South East Asia/Far East, Caribbean, Central/ South America, Australasia and Pacific, human rights. I'm no longer surprised . And who the hell is Sam Fox too?

Joe DeMocritus

Well this Page 3 model is obviously an important political thinker.

Remember when she made a pop record and everyone went round telling the joke "I wonder if they will release and LP of her Greatest Tits?"

Steve E

"oi where's me tigers 'ead?
Four foot from its tail!"

ba boom!

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