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November 24, 2011



The only strike I would support would be a strike to get us out of the EU, it's got to happen sooner or later, surly?


500 million, take it out of the EU budget and it's cost us nothing!!!!!


I really like Danny Alexander and I think him and Maude have done their best to avoid this strike, but as soon as Labour got kicked out and the "cuts" began - the unions became hellbent on striking. Turkey's don't vote for Christmas etc etc. I say, if you strike then you don't just lose one day's pay, you lose a week's pay for every day you strike. That'd soon make people think a bit harder about following the union leaders like brainless zombies.

John Moss

If 1m strike, that will save £100m in wages, but I like the idea of a compensatory decudtion. Three days for one of strikes would probably be fair as temporary staff cost more, other work is disrupted etc.

A Public Sector Worker

Personally I think anyone who strikes should be legally required to join a picket line. Too many treat it as an unpaid days leave and that annoys me as someone who has to deal with the chaos of strike days.

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