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November 01, 2011


A Public Sector Worker

So why exactly did the Sheffield Forgemasters grant go through? Is this the start of Clegg trying to defend his constituency?

Elaine Turner

Well doesn't Sheffield Forgemasters need the investment to ensure they have the wherewithal to produce the parts for new nuclear power stations?

Were we not castigating the decision to not loan the money to Sheffield Forgemasters a year ago?

Do we not agree that nuclear power is the way to go to produce power in the greenest manner?

Michael mcgough

Agreed Elaine,there is little world manufacturing capability for nuclear hardware,but why now and not last year?

Philip Lardner

I can't stand Clegg but this is great news for Sheffield and British industry in general. Forgemasters were promised a loan by Mandelson before the election, then Cameron cancelled it for some bizarre (and possibly crooked) reason. Good to see thy will now be able to compete in the world market and reduce our import dependency.
Superb news for once!

Idris Francis

I thought that there were relatively low limits - a few thousand - on how much MPs are allowed to spend to try to win or retain their seats?

Idris Francis

Can anyone tell me what business experience Clegg or his helpers have in assessing the viability of any business? Or why tax paid by viable and competent businesses should be used to support the pet projects of civil servants whose experience of business is - shall we say - somewhat limited?

michael mcgough

Although Clegg says the took no part in this decision,Cable and Alexander did so it was clearly an independent choice.

Harry Hill

Is this the same fund that is giving J C Bamford some £30m+? Nothing presumably to do with the firm contributing £4.5m to tory party coffers?

A Public Sector Worker

Elaine, my point is the same as Michael's. Not disputing that there may have been a need.

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